What in the world is wrong with USA’s Media and Obama?

Just when we thought it can’t get any lower. Obama administration hits a new low just after the election. The country’s highest office is held by servants of Saudi Arabia. The media however is in rage against Donald Trump in trying to hide their incompetence. Lot of money is being flushed into the country by Chinese and Saudi. The reason being Hillary Clinton’s constant corruption. The scale with which people of the Democratic Party are working against the country. Is showing the world what has been wrong with America since last decade. The country which boasts about being a ‘Super Power’ is now in control of rats.

It shows that American Democratic party is least democratic and more communist. In order to remove the attention of pedophilia and leaking classified information by Hillary. They are blaming Russian Hackers for manipulating the result of the election. Hillary Clinton has shamelessly come out and said it in post election press release.

This means that the emails do belong to Hillary and that everything people have been pointing out is true. In addition to the numerous links of Hillary with Pizzagate. It seems like Hillary without even understanding that her corrupt status has already become prominent and well known all over the world. Is trying hard to remain in power.

FBI has come out and spoken about China being responsible for the hack. On the other hand Obama administration is pushing their control over CIA. Which has also joined in the lie about Russia. The problem is that Saudi and China are putting money against Russia. Moreover there are people like Hillary Clinton who are ready to give up classified information to the world in lieu of money and favors.

Will the people of USA continue to accept the dumb rhetoric?

There has been reports that Hillary will try to stop Donald Trump from taking office. Seems like she will make proofs even if she has to. But she is forgetting most important thing that, every-time she blames Russia. She is accepting the crimes which have been uncovered by the email hacks. Let’s see for how long this utter presentation of stupidity lasts by Hillary. How long till she herself becomes target of the people she have been helping against American interests?