Why more and more women are becoming anti-feminist?

The dictionary tells us that feminism is women having equal rights. The problem which occurs with the feminist movement is the idea that man is an oppressor. This is so much imbibed in their ideology that they ignore men being oppressed.  Which as the definition of feminism, fails to address what it should stand for. Most of the people will have you believe that it is a Man’s world. Is it so? The people controlling the world through politics and business are equally bashing men. However this idea will not strike to a typical feminist. These are few point enumerated to show why Feminism is failing to address aware and conscious women and why more and more women becoming anti-feminist.

Most of the women join it for political or fashion gains

This is no secret that feminism is a political wing of extreme Right. To much more surprise they are often use to push Agendas. There was a time when Feminism used to be a pure movement. However now it has turn into a radical men hating political group. If feminism is women not being accountable to men then they should not expect men to be accountable for feminism.

Rights to show nipples is not a right at all

You have to really be dumb to be able to take it as reality. There are so many issues where women would need support. But having the rights to show nipples is not one of it. You have to understand being equal doesn’t mean that you have to become man. Women are delicate beautiful beings without which a men remains half. No matter how hard a men try his life would remain meaningless without women. When girls show up naked handing boards demanding their right to be naked. You are only offending other women with self-esteem. Why do you have to behave like man? Behaving like women in my opinion is much more superior than men.

Feminist are more focused on smaller issues

An example of this is in India, Muslims are allowed to have more than one wife according to the Sharia law. As we all know Sharia Law has no rights for women at all. They are treated as a concubine for making children. They are veiled and can be divorced just by saying ‘divorce’. When the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi declared to remove the rights of Muslim men. To Divorce women just by speaking it to her, even in some cases through sms and whatsapp messages. The feminists remain silent and did not come out. This shows how much of Right they have gone.

Feminism is not about femininity anymore

They want to grow hairs in their armpits, they denounce women’s right to look beautiful. ‘Women are not supposed to look beautiful’ When has a man wanted a women to do make-up? In fact men complain about how much make-up a women does jokingly of course. As I have said before, women are beautiful beings. Men do not wish to live without them. It is a person’s own right if they want to grow certain hair or make-up. No amount of oppression has ever been made to push women to look beautiful.

Feminism alone has turned Sweden into rape capitol of world

feminismOnce the most peaceful and serene Sweden now has the highest amount of rapes. When hoards of Refugee Criminals were allowed inside the country from Syria. People began to complain about the increased amount of rapes done by these immigrants. This as a proof was being used to stop the country from more criminals from entering. Feminists started flashing boards that they would rather be raped by immigrants than stop immigration.

Political parties use Feminists to divert attention from law and order problems to gender or racism based issue. Their target are teenage, women who are not informed about the real issue at hand. But instead given false agenda.






A women trying to become equal to men has no ambition. Women have been, will be better than men.”