Has wikipedia become unreliable and untrustworthy?

Nowadays searching online using a search engine. You will find that most of the entries always leads to wikipedia. This therefore became a certain reliable practice world over. Wikipedia quickly took over traditional Encyclopedias and spread all over the globe. Even though Wikipedia is online community in many cases highly reliable and truthful experts helps maintain it. But it’s being open to edition by anyone and open policy which also helps wikipedia in the wrong hands as the tool of propagating their own lies.

It is found that factual accuracy upon wikipedia is 4. This means that 4 out of 10 facts given on wikipedia is wrong. It is followed by Britannica encyclopedia which stands at 2.6. There is a story which goes long back when a person from Australia spread a banter about a singer playing in his bar. He quickly got the attention of media and continued to lie with a smirk on his face. This is basically what wikipedia is doing for the entire mass.

Wikipedia spreading lies

The point which we want to make here is not that all wikipedia articles are wrong. It is that you should not trust everything written over there. There has been instances in which group of people have changed articles in trying to help political party or religion. Even the Scientists agree that most of the scientific knowledge given in there has an accuracy rate of 3.6. Still they said that it is a better option to find information on wikipedia than any other websites.

 Should you use wikipedia for fact checking?

The answer is never. Wikipedia is like a democracy of knowledgebase. Everyone and anyone has the rights to edit. Think about it in this way, if a person who is a mechanic of car, suddenly feels like writing about Surgery then wikipedia is the best platform. Many people come up and debate on points of which they have learned through wikipedia. Also you should constantly check the ‘Talk’ tab in order to read more information and discussion happeneing on the topic before taking anything in consideration.



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