Weird animal behaviors which Science cannot explain

Animals do a lot of strange things: dogs will go after their own butts for hours, some fish fly and if some people are to be believed, sheep have the amazing ability to attract New Zealanders and Scotsmen. But there are some things about the animal world that leave the smartest of us scratching their heads.

#6 Animal Suicides

One of the major things that separate humans from animals is that most lower life forms have an intense will to live. Unless they are defending their babies or food, most animals will prefer to run off than fight, because life is precious. Plus, given the fact that most don’t really appear to be all that self aware, the likelihood of goth hamsters and emo pigeons seems pretty thin.

Then why do some animals just up and decide to off themselves sometimes? We’ve already shown you a bridge that seems to drive dogs into a suicidal frenzy, but that kind of thing doesn’t happen often, does it? Well, recently (and by recently we mean 2009) there were a couple of major animal suicides; in Switzerland, 28 cows decided to leap off a cliff over the course of three days, and in California, dozens of monstrous squids beached themselves.

And lets not forget Jatinga, India, where hundreds of birds from several species dive into the ground to kill themselves every year.

How Long Has This Been Going On?

That’s a tough one. People don’t typically record animal suicides unless it is really bizarre or a mass suicide, but studies were conducted as far back as the 1800s to try and figure out why.

But, They Must Have a Theory For This…

They do, and very few of them have anything to do with being jilted or members of a cult. Indian scientists believe that atmospheric conditions confused the birds in Jatinga, causing them to lose their sense of direction and crash into the earth, though evolutionarily speaking, that doesn’t make a  sense. There’s also the old “follow the leader” theory, where they suggest that a tightly packed group is following one lost animal that is a bit sick to accidental deaths, similar to the way that some animals get lost during migration and end up leading a massive amount of birds in the wrong direction.

Still, that might explain one mass suicide, but those cows offed themselves during the span of three days. There wasn’t just one line of cows lead by some misguided leader; several gangs of cows separately jumped off on their own accord.
Finally, there is the matter of the mass squid suicide. They all beached themselves around the time of an earthquake, so some figure there might be a connection. But scientists point out that squid are basically aggressive water balloons, and don’t have any of the structures in them that cause fish and whales to become disoriented during quakes. Additionally, the squids started beaching themselves three days before the quake, which either means that the two events are unrelated or that squids a) can predict earthquakes (more on that later) and b) are using the earthquake as an opportunity to come on land and attack us at our most vulnerable and disoriented. Granted, that was probably the most poorly thought out invasion ever but still, it’s scary to know they’re planning something.

#5 Bees are disappearing world-wide

Remember being a kid and running through the grass barefoot, where halfway across the field, you stepped on a bee and instantly developed an unyielding terror of bare skin on grass? Well, the younger generations won’t get to experience that joy. It seems that the honey bee population has been on the decline for years, and no one knows why. This seems like good news at first, since barefoot field-running is a joy most of us can’t get enough of, but it’s bad news if you like honey, wax, food or pictures of bees fucking. Bees are major pollinators, so without bees, food plants can’t reproduce.

How long has this been going on?

Scientists first noticed a change in bee populations as far back as 1972, but the really dramatic drop didn’t start until 2006. The decline was noticed in America and Europe first (both are known for their rich running-fields) although cases started being reported in Taiwan in 2007. It also seems to be spreading to India and Brazil, who may soon be experiencing the joys of field running horror of no honey or pollination.

But, they must have a theory for this…

Several, and they run the gamut from interestingly plausible to absurdly retarded. Some suggestions that don’t immediately make the people suggesting them look like idiots include mite-spread viruses, poor nutrition and pesticides. On the other end of the spectrum, we have cell phone radiation. Slightly less retarded is the suggestion that cell phone towers might disturb bees, but they are hardly so ubiquitous that they are killing off massive numbers of insects, who then disappear.
Some folks are suggesting that, quite simply, we’re not getting any new, healthy, baby bees because the only bees attempting to reproduce, for some reason, are related. Yep. Brother and sister bees won’t stop mating, and now we’ll never have honey again.

#4 Cows have creepy eating habit world-wide

When cows aren’t launching themselves from cliffs, they are usually eating. Have you ever noticed anything peculiar about cows when they eat? No? Well, neither did anyone else until some German scientists started looking at satellite photos of cows using the high tech wonder-software known as “Google Earth.” It turns out that all cows, everywhere, simultaneously face north (or south) while eating.
Scientists have a pretty good idea how they do this; like most every other animal on Earth that isn’t a human, cows (and deer and sheep) can detect the planet’s magnetic fields, so well in fact that power lines stop their feeding. The big question is why in hell do they bother?

How long has this been going on?

Here’s the weird thing; they are pretty sure these animals always did this, just no one noticed, (probably because the directional behavior of dining cows falls hard in the “Who Gives a Shit” category). Still, farmers and hunters didn’t notice. Not even Ronald McDonald, as he surveys his fields of delicious cheese covered death, noticed. It wasn’t until thousands of square miles of satellite photos were painstakingly pored over that someone finally said “Holy shit! They’re all facing the same way!”

But, they must have a theory for this…

Sort of. They originally thought maybe the position of the sun or wind direction played a roll, but that doesn’t account for the fact that all of the deer and cows observed faced magnetic north. So then we are left with “because” as a reason. The people who discovered it decided “let neuroscientists figure that out.”

#3 Blue Whales are experiencing puberty world-wide

Scientists are a weird lot, and they do some strange stuff in the name of science. Case in point, back in the 60s, some scientists thought it would be cool to stick a bunch of microphones into the oceans of the world and record blue whales singing. Forty years later, someone got the idea to study four decades of whale song, presumably to keep the grant money flowing, when they made a strange discovery: Every blue whale in the world was singing deeper every year.

How long has this been going on?

They have no idea why, but the whales have been going all Barry White on us for at least 40 years. The important thing to remember here, though, is that this isn’t just most blue whales, but every goddamn one of them. This would be like every human on Earth slowly speaking more and more like James Earl Jones every year, regardless of language (which whales apparently have) or location. The drop is small, just a few fractions of a hertz per year, but it is steady and constant.

But, they must have a theory for this…

Everything from global warming to increased noise pollution has been suggested. However, the impact of global warming on the oceans doesn’t hold water (get it?!) because the changes in acidity and density that might have caused a change that the whales would have to compensate for is so minor that it in no way explains the much larger change in whale voices.

Noise pollution might be a more reasonable solution. Sure, the last time we were in a crowded bar, we didn’t try to get the waitress’s attention by talking in a lower key. But assuming whales aren’t as receptive to high pitched cries of “who do I have to blow to get MORE BEER!?” that still means that every Blue Whale in every ocean on the goddamn planet has simultaneously been altering their behavior in exactly the same way … for forty years. What do you have to say to each other that’s so important, Blue Whales? Something you want to share with the rest of the class? Something about a secret society, operating on a higher plan, waiting to strike during the next earth quake?

One respected news source has concluded that the whales are “straight fucking with us.”

#2 Ants with collective Intelligence

Ants have amazed us for centuries. They build tightly structured colonies, some farm and others use suicide bombs to protect their hive. Perhaps you saw this video that made the rounds a while back in which scientists fill an underground ant colony with cement. It’s pretty clear that we’re in for some creepy shit when 10 goddamn tons of cement disappear down the hole before it’s full. But then around the four minute mark, they dig out a sprawling underground “megalopolis.”

As the narrator says, somehow keeping his bowels from audibly evacuating, the tiny ants have constructed an enormous city that “looks like it was designed by an architect. A single mind.” If you’ve ever lived in a human city, you of course realize this is a feat mankind has yet to get the hang of.

“Good for ants,” you might say if you’re a sucker, “Why’d jerk-ass science have to drown them in cement?” Probably because Science knows about army ants. Sure, you can put 100 army ants on a table, and they will walk around in a circle until they drop dead of exhaustion, which is pretty stupid. On the other hand, when they are in groups of thousands or millions, they can regulate their collective temperature, decide when to either settle down and sleep for the night or pack up and leave. And sometimes they use their superorganism intelligence to coordinate attacks.

Amazingly, the more ants there are, the smarter they are as a whole. Sort of works opposite of humans, who get dumber for every person you add to a group, until a soccer riot breaks out. Put enough army ants in an urban location, and it won’t be long before they realize they’ve got the upper hand. The cement doesn’t seem so excessive now does it?

How long has this been going on?

Well, they think the African and South American types of army ants formed two different groups from a common ancestor back in the Cretaceous Era, meaning army ants have been acting together to travel and terrify other animals for at least 65-million years. On the up side, if they were planning on taking over the planet, they probably would have done it already.

But, they must have a theory for this…

Swarm Theory is just starting to get a grasp on this. Scientists suggest that while the individual ants are kinda retarded, as a group they manage to make good decisions because of how each individual idiot interacts with the others. Sort of how individual brain cells are pretty useless until you get the whole gang together. This behavior is surprisingly common, with everything from ants to bees to buffalo all showing abilities to use their minds like animal-brain Voltrons.

As an aside, if the impossibly organized tactical geniuses in the Strategic Warfare Ant Division ever decide to join forces with the vicious, soulless, victory-at-any-cost warriors in the Giant Monster Squid Coalition, the human race is six different kinds of fucked.

#1 Animal Earthquake Prediction

If there is one power animals have that qualifies them as “Haley Joel Osment” creepy, it is this. Many, if not most animals have the bizarre ability to know when an earthquake is about to happen. Some can even detect something is amiss with Mother Earth up to a week in advance, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Everything from cats, to dogs to centipedes will leave the area when they sense a quake coming, leaving the humans behind scratching their heads and cleaning up lost pet shit when the big one hits.

How long has this been going on?

Since the beginning of recorded history. Pretty much the day mankind figured out they could put pen to paper and record what was happening, at least one person wrote down that animals were going apeshit just before a quake hit. According to the USGS link above, the Greeks recorded in 373 BC that rats, weasels, snakes and centipedes got the fuck out of dodge days before a “destructive” quake. As recently as the 2004 tsunami, there are records that a herd of 500 blackbucks left the coastal areas in India and headed for the hills shortly before the wave hit.

You can learn a thing or two from mother nature; if the animals are running in one direction, you might want to think about following them.

But, they must have a theory for this…

There are many, but most of them are followed with a shrug and “or maybe it’s magic or some shit.” All of these depend on animals having some previously unknown supersense, like the ability to sense seismic waves, or possible changes in the magnetic fields before the quake hits, or changes in groundwater, ground tilt or electrical fields. Not one of these has been or is detectable by humans or our equipment, so they are about as concrete as saying “Gandalf did it.” But hey, if the USGS says Gandalf did it, we’re inclined to accept that as proof.

3 thoughts on “Weird animal behaviors which Science cannot explain

  • November 10, 2012 at 5:51 am

    First of all you don’t seem to have a scientific background on any obvious grounds which makes a review of scientific theories not even credible. Also, it’s hard for us as human beings to deem what is “strange” behaviour for animals, specifically those with high exposure to humans (or unnatural things rather) as they are not designed to be “organized” as we do with ourselves, and are not supposed to evolve based on factors mediated by a human presence (pollution, global warming, etc).

    Of course, evolution worked in the past so one would ask why won’t it keeps things going as usual with the exception of allowing human based factors to influence it. The answer to that question is No! It will not work effectively, and that is because it is the RATE at which the environment changes due to human factors which inhibits evolution’s ability to keep the most healthy (or refined) species in the gene pool. If natural selection was the only thing to consider, then evolution would still work effectively as the natural planetary environment will change slower than with human colonization, and thus will require that species do not have to evolve so fast and so well as to keep up with the environmental shifts. Nowadays, most of our planet has been conditioned in a manner in which all species that used to be IDEAL in their environments have lost that title and are now in a global no-mans-land of “who knows if your going to make it” style adaptations. This is very sad indeed, though brings insight on your questions.

    When I say a no-mans-land of animal migrations I am talking about populations of species coming together that never would have before. That means huge shifts to food chains in a sporadic and unpredictable manner. As far as climate change goes, whether natural or human-mediated, it is most definetly causing for animals to resort to spontaneous and random survival behaviour in the current environment. Not to mention the due decade of solar flares that will lay such a number on the magnetosphere that electronics could be at risk of purging on a global scale. This relates to animals in that many have “neural navigation systems” which were developed (and refined) in the presence of the earth’s magnetic field during the beginning of their evolution, and therefore influences their behaviour if that (which used to be constant) changes in any somewhat ridiculous manner.

    Bee’s are the sad victims of many pesticides as are many insects. When we tie together the fact that they are an aerial insect species which has become unbound in terms of translocation, any mass death can occur really. Imagine never being able to leave a place as the temperature anywhere elsewhere would kill you. One day that suddenly changes and other areas open up, though these new areas have a more extreme flunctuation in the climate that the animals are not designed for, but they didn’t know that when they showed. One night of frost wipes them out, and everyone freaks out. What people should really feel is shame for being so irresponsible to the world and the fact that our animal kin are being wiped out dramatically for reasons that are in many cases just inefficiencies or lazyness in our society.

    The cow cases are somewhat strange, the magnetic field theory would not pertain to cows in any obvious way if we work back from evolution. We can assume that the way they stand may have helped them protect each other or keep a formed group as we see with many prey species (our assumption is that the reason they behave this way is because it was implemented by evolution to somehow increase the chances of the cows survival/evolution). As far as eating habits + cows we should not be suprised at cows if they eat strange things, the have FOUR stomachs, and I’m betting it can take MORE of a beating than yours, and therefore they are not deemed by evolution to sense that eating “weird” things is bad as they likely have less of a chance to die from it.

    – To explain that last point better, if you as a human began eating shit then it would be sensed to taste morbid. This sense is installed in your designation to make sure you STAND CLEAR of those kind of behaviours that would get you killed as SHIT has bad bacteria in it. This is why most bacteria smells bad to humans, because your body does not want you to come in contact with it. The message is received as a horrible scent and expects a conscious response from you distancing yourself to it.

    Whales are probably going to have a baby boomer generation due to mass slaughters of their populations in the past decades. The remaining whales may have had some degree of intentional selection among them (let’s say the hunters only killed the big ones, so only the small ones were left). Let’s go to math, the big ones make up likely over 60% of the population, and thus as a minority the younger ones would comprise a smaller age RANGE. We can compare to humans, adults reach maximum size at 18, and yet we live for ~70 years, so 2/7ths of our population are YOUNG and HALF of them are ready to reproduce. Back to the whales, the smaller ones have a higher PROPORTION of whales that are approaching a natural reproduction age. Thus, if only the small ones are left, then babys will come about in a “wave” fashion analogous to the baby boomers in a sense. This wave will also produce an offspring which will reach maturity at approx the same age (or closer in age than it would have been without the hunting) and thus will reach puberty at an “unnaturally” determined que.

    Don’t say science “can’t explain this”, that is very ridiculous. That is almost trying to pick out the discrete research gaps in envy of the truth that exists in science. There are important ideas to live by to think sensibly, first, science works from GROUND UP, and when we do place an assumption, we test is for validation. In fact, we can only call something fact if we can test it experimentally and prove that it is a possible physical state. Of course, if we define something ourselves (like we invented the value one = 1, 1 is a single count of something) we can now play around and make our own rules so as long as it is consistent with the physical universe when we talk in the CONTEXT of the physical universe. So ground up, and all those theories you hear out there could very well be WACKO, in fact I would say most scientific theories on the hard science (why we are here, the story of the universe) are somewhat farfetched as those theories require such high mental capacity to conceive that our predictions (mental) are less accurate and arguably not of high enough calaber to perform to such degrees effectively (e.g. we have computers do the calculations now).

    You can never be ignorant to the fact that your an animal, and even though you are smarter than a dog (which is smarter than an ant), and you are still not as smart as you could be, and chances are we could not understand the fundamental truth in any physical sense with the tools our body has been equipped with, and the brain of ours that happened to evolve fast. Also, because we now have the ability to reason, it is VERY important not to think we understand everything. We are stuck in a buffer zone, in which we can reason so we can explain anything with imagination, though we may not knowingly be too dumb to understand things to the degree to which we desire, and to which we actually think and imagine things.

    A trajedy of evolution is the occurence of logic, as it has the power to override behaviour that used to be completely controlled by emotions and instinct (that is, perfect survival and reproduction behaviour), and so our evolutionary track is completely gone forever, not to mention the medication we permit that allows for unhealthy genes to stick around for our children to bear. Maybe Hitler just wanted to clean up the entropy of our loss of evolutionary sustainability (Kidding). Of course, it is the most important thing we must do if we wanted our civilization to maybe one day be able to explain all this crazy stuff out of intelligence and actually survive, as we are the sad subjects of genetic entropy which will cleanse life no matter the evolutionary lineage, but that is an explanation for another time.

    – Nanoscience student from Guelph, Ont, Canada.

    • November 11, 2012 at 6:06 pm

      Thank You for you reviews and your kind words. It seems that you have a scientific background, with the way you so easily use prejudice to explain everything. This is an attempt of (as you assume non scientific background) me to take one on one with your comments.

      First prejudice “Of Course Evolution worked”

      “Magnetic Navigation” has to point too far north (or perhaps nowhere) for a cow to take a decision to jump from a cliff. My dear brother cows don’t fall of from the cliff (they jump) as such they climb upon this particular cliff and jump from there. If there is something wrong with their navigation it will effect only migrating animals such as birds and Zebras in Africa. If a cow is taking a decision to climb upon a cliff followed by many other cows they are not lost. They are there for some other reason. Which needs to be answered.

      “Pesticides for the Bees”

      Assuming you have never left any European country or rather didn’t reach out for the real science without keeping your eyes off the text books. There are countries which cannot even afford to buy and put pesticides all over their forests. Where humans don’t even go. While researching for the article I have been in talks with many scientist from Indonesia as well as Thailand. I have spoken to Mr.Cortez (Known as Doctor of Honey Bees) in Himalayas. There is considerable amount of decrease. Which cannot be explained worldwide (including remote areas of the world). About Bees being victimized by Weird Climate. Bees are found right from North Pole to the Sahara Desert to the South Pole.

      “Cows eating”

      Now this is a sad part of having conversation with you here. You may be proud to be a part of the science I think otherwise because of your poor judgement of life. All life is equal in conscience and Consciousness. “Cows” will refuse to eat shit same as you.” The Cows eating habit shown here is a careful study done by a group of scientist based in Canada. We are talking about the direction in which cow is eating. We are not talking about “What cow is eating?” The direction of the cows grazing on the field is same all over the globe at any given point. It has nothing to do with Four Stomachs and eating shit.

      “All the Adult Whales all over the globe were slaughtered”

      Yet Again a classic example of textbook science. Lets look at maths. Lets say in Europe in 1900s people killed whale for oil. in 1900s People in India were using natural mustard oil. People in Europe killed whales as your assumption they killed all the adult Whales. How long does the Blue Whale live? 80 years. So in 1980 All the whales which were a baby are now Adult. Now they give birth let’s say at 70 year old when they died we have several 10 year old Blue Whales which will grow not more than 2050. They will not even reach puberty. And the whales in Indian ocean just committed suicide because they didn’t wanted to look selfish after Europeans were busy killing Blue Whales they must have committed Mass suicides as to fill in for a global puberty generation. Science Rocks!

      “Dog is smarter than Ants And scientist are smarter than Chimpanzees”

      Look at the possibility my dear friend. Science is not the truth itself Science is here to research for the truth. Truth is there already if you reach it you will find it if you wont reach it as a scientist you have to conclude the report. Nature doesn’t work that ways neither does a life.

      If intelligence depends on the amount of knowledge a person has than I would like to know what is the IQ of the person who is asking the questions?

      If a Newton’s generation was taught that apple is supposed to fall on the ground then perhaps he would have not questioned it. This is the problem with the new generation of scientist they like to explain before they want to really see for themselves.

      In my opinion an animal capable of deserting a place before any natural calamity have even begun is more important than a full fledged group of scientist with an IQ of 100. Using equipment connected to a satellite outside of the Globe and unable to predict it. It means simply we have overlooked ourselves and under-looked the Nature itself.

      • November 12, 2012 at 2:21 am

        Another Chapter,

        Thanks for your response. I want to apologize if my arrogance was taken to deep heart, sometimes it can take over the argument. Sometimes I need to try to break the other persons understanding aggressively otherwise they will not be able to take on the view that I am trying to communicate to them. I guess it acts of more of a barrier when I’m not actually in person and have the leverage of my expressions haha. Anyways sorry for that. I’ll have to go a little of course to go over some fundamentals.

        Puny Thoughts –

        Anywho, I realize you have a very open mind towards nature, and the nature of things, particularly animals. I used to be so imaginative about life and an afterlife, almost ridiculous and I spent a lot of time trying to answer questions about how we can explain questions about consciousness and such. I am now almost complete my degree in nanoscience and have thus also had some very scientifically rigid, extraordinarily boring answers to the universe and it’s behaviours. But one thing I learnt that changed me is the capability of electrons and light, the possibilities of interactions and the effects of those interactions. Electrons can move between atoms and can interact with light in extraordinary ways. In fact this simple, unexplainable thing is fundamental to life and most chemical interactions. This is a good question and mystery beyond anything you can present here but we are not designed to understand it, we are designed to survive and reproduce in particular environments.

        So the largest mysteries in life are doused by our learned helplessness of knowing we will never know. People are so attracted by the smallest mysteries, and then try to explain them with nothing or jabber. In this case, maybe everyone should learn the science of how to destroy our world and kill every living thing and induce such a high degree of genetic entropy and mutation that our complex machines of life are left to be spontaneously suicidal and hostile. Animals behave the way they do as per their environment, what happens if that environment is taken away? It is the first time for that species, only adaptation or death can succeed them. All they have is instinct, luckily we have logic to help us spontaneously adapt to environments and survive.

        Animals –

        And to be honest all this strange behaviour of the animals does seem weird. But trying to explain it with anything other than the science, which is the only thing which has ever worked for us, is pretty ridiculous. Leaving open ended questions is okay. But don’t try to make science look retarded. And I have heard of dolphins commiting suicide. I have no doubt they have emotions, and from what I understand dolphins breath involuntarily so it is very possible that if they were very upset that they could do this.

        I’m going to take a view which many do not like, but is probably the truth. That is the materialism of emotions, and the fact that they are been refined as genetic traits (or in the most materialistic way, tools) to help living things survive. Evolution designed you a body, but the method it did that in (evolution) required for the body to survive. Therefore emotions are necessary. You are much more likely to have a child with someone if you love them. And you are much more likely to protect them if you can get angry, suspicious, and jealous. Mothers are designed to ensure the child survives (it happens this chance is increased if the mother also loves the father) and fathers are designed to secure their child’s mother and compete with other fathers for mothers.

        It all sounds kind of ridiculous but this is what we call instinct, and it seems in the 21st century it’s harder to prove as it is under attack by our need to reproduce fundamentally (sex, but we have protection which evolution didn’t account for). Now you see that the idea of needing love and a family is dying out, as it has become just as easy to do this without all that stuff (email, texting, facebook, contact.. most fundamentally -> hookers, lol), it’s almost a piss off in some cases though as idiots are having kids which will grow up to be improductive, which is bad for the economy. Like all these wiggers you see on the buses with baby carriages and stuff hanging out in front of the most run down coffee shop in town all day, friggen ridiculous. Sorry to get of course, but answering questions brings more questions, and answers!

        Anyways- Instinct, It is what controlled our behaviour before we had logic! Now all of a sudden our cerebrum evolves massively in such a small amount of time that we have both to control our behaviour! That imbalance is probably the most fundamental to lot’s of your questions, but you should work at it yourself or you may feel reluctant to believe me. Think about how logic contradicts what we feel, and how that can answer lot’s of philosophical questions, it’s a good learn.

        Whales –

        And about the whales I wouldn’t say that they would achieve puberty at 70, blue whale calves achieve puberty at around 3 years of age and blue whales themselves can live for over a century. They are such beautiful creatures, and.. designs, hahaha. Anyways it is a hard thing to examine as blue whales are not followed constantly and their behaviour is not fully known in the context of the changing environment. The oceans are under attack by such a ridiculous amount of pollution and ultimately just human effects which are making the oceans a place that may no longer be ideal for whales. Of course, if they behave like dolphins in the way of breathing and if they did get sad of maybe their babies dying of pollution or something then maybe they did commit suicide. We known elephants have large brains like whales and they are arguably more emotional then human beings, it’s sad that they are so misunderstood they probably feel things beyond what we can imagine. Anyways, if whales had these analogous emotional traits (which I am not sure if they have been studied) then I would not blot out your theory.

        The fundamental idea is that most species will start acting differently in some way, and may start dying sporadically due to the rate at which we are changing their environments (they are always starting to act differently and die sporadically in evolution but at a slower, more manageable (critical) rate). So this rate increase we see is not manageable for natural selection, especially when all the shit we’ve dumped into the environment plagues everything with too many mutations to ensure that an environmentally ideal genetic makeup is possible.

        Just because things are unpredictable does not mean they were always unpredictable. Like you say, this whale puberty thing is a recent event, before that time we could have probably better side that we know exactly how they behave. So in time we will loose our ability to effectively predict some things about animals, especially weird out of the ordinary stuff like you have expressed, things that may have been mediated by recent human events, or just recent universal events that may have influence on them.

        Smarts –

        I can attempt to provide you answers, but it happens to be the nature of the universe that answers only yield more questions, hehe. So I do expect for your responses to not end, but you should know that there is an answer that exists that you should be satisfied with.

        And I am not going to diss you for saying scientists are arrogant and ignorant and ridiculous sometimes. I know very well, in fact, I believe myself that people in science can be the most ignorant and arrogant out of anyone. That is someone who lives out of complete instinct for everything else than they’re stupid textbook memorization’s of what they need to know so they can get a degree and some middle class job for their working career so they can get a mortgage and 2 cars and blah blah blah blah predispositions here and there. Yes, I do know of these robot scientists but I’m not one of them. As always, we will work ground up from what we know, put out good assumptions, and validate them via experimentation. That makes sense no?

        And I don’t concentrate on IQ, I think the best way to not be some memorize bot, is to go your own way for everything. Being smart is not just about knowing answers, it’s about coming to them with your own proprietary algorithms and methods of assumption. Of course we do learn how to do this to some degree in school, but creativity and imagination are the secret attributes of someone who has the potential to become extremely “intelligent”. Of course, we were not “meant” to have a brain just like life was never “meant” to be. And, those were not, not “meant” to be either.

        Its time, entropy, electrons and light and laws of the universe that remain are biggest mysteries, and we can avoid religious, cultural or metaphysical explanations for things if we can understand these things better. These little mysteries we talk about here are something I would deem as a subsequent effect of humans being around and everything that comes with that. But, in the case that their is some …man? or woman? controlling everything and doing all this crazy animal shit?? God or Deity?? ummm, then well I hope they applaud my rant! and then maybe give me life for infinite time and friends for infinity and infinite land and happiness and all that afterlife goodness that is guaranteed, yus!.. But I still hope we are right about science if that happens to be some scam.

        Sorry for the quirky attack on religion there but we need room in religious readers so they can at least think about a bit of what was said. Anyways, sorry for the jumping rant, you see the more answers you think you have the more questions and thus answers come about. I could go on for days about some of this stuff but I don’t think that’s what I was meant for, and it’s probably not ideal to veer from your instincts too much considering it hasn’t given me all that much emotional feedback. Lol.

        Anyways, hope that’s legible.

        Looking forward to your response

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