What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is a process of re-formation of the image of man in that of a God/Creator/Nature. It is to embark on the deepest meaning of human life and live by the humanistic values. Even thou the word ‘spirituality’ comes from French and Latin meaning ‘vigor, or breath’ there has been equivalent of this word in many languages. Ancient cultures like Hinduism, Chinese, Aztecs, Mayans, and Egyptians were constantly moving towards a more spiritual society. A society which lives by core human values of self realization and participated in rituals and acted in the direction of good will for all. Realizing that God and Human being are not isolated but are one and act through one sole purpose.

Recent years have shown people from all over the world swarming into spiritual lifestyle. So many Spiritual Guru have arrived and people all over the world are connecting through Yoga and Meditation. Just a google search will show that there are so many Guru’s nowadays and their services are always promising a transformation. In an effect to modern spirituality, whether it is Transcendentalism or Unitarian Universal-ism or Neo-Vedanta or Society practicing Theosophy, Anthroposophy, and the Prennial Philosophy each have their own ways and rituals associated with it.

There are many types of experience which a person experiences in their lifetime, and some can carry weight they would rather not want. That is when they come under such desperation of ‘change’. In my own experience I got an opportunity to meet many Guru’s, in my early years. Each claim to have a distinct knowledge or possessed something divine which made them special.  “A good student never questions his master, that is his total surrender.” They all kept informing me about this big, great revelation. That a person’s spirituality has to undergo a Guru or teacher and should be awakened by them.

“You have a lot of ego!” This came from one of my teacher when he saw me getting angry upon something. As if anger was not justifiable under any circumstance by a spiritual wanderer. I worked much upon my anger and ego, become more in touch with the reality as everyone and everything is one. That didn’t solve any of my problem, in fact that halted my creative side. For years I wonder why I am not able to come up with a beautiful poem or write something that I would secretly praise. Nothing arises from Nothingness!

“Say sorry, even if it is not your fault.” Another teacher explained to me. It is your ego which is making it difficult for you to see, when you become nothing, everything begins to arise. Even though my own understanding was to be able to surrender and understand and get over my doubts. They still remained, in fact it brought me into deeper problems as my creativity was absent, like the nothingness.

For years, when I realized the problem with my ego is not really a problem. Because of ego I never hurt or took advantage of someone. In fact I realized that ego was the only voice which spoke for myself. I came to a startling revelation, my art came from the set of belief system which I have been carrying in this life. When I discard it as ego, I am left with nothing to create.

For many years I realized that my fight for ego is my fight with my self only. That I am not here to become nothing, but something. That my soul has a purpose and that purpose is in the human life. This 3 dimensional life where I am experiencing my awareness is where I have to prove myself and for that reason everything that has been given to me even ego is required. Without ego one would not know in whose mouth to put food in a restaurant. In my own experience if you want to really become spiritual and be united with the world. You should abandon your house, your comfort zone, your humanity and go to forest. Nothing of desire or materialism should be able to put you on your knees. Once you are away from the system, there you should remain forever.

Spirituality in the modern 3 dimension world

Meditation or Yoga, or some ritual will not accelerate your human-soul relationship. In fact in trying to realize where the thoughts arise from or from where it comes into being, you would deny your right on thoughts. In our modern society this will defranchise you from all the benefits and reason for your being born as a human. Here are some points a modern spiritual person should note.

  1. The Universe works with the mystic law of cause and effect, if you are in a bad situation or in unhappy environment. It is not because you might have done wrong, but could mean you have not done enough good. If you understand this law, you can turn problems in the opportunity by giving more you can create possibility of gaining more.
  2. Everything that you are feeling, thinking and focused on will create more of it. This is known as active manifestation, which uses the law of quantum theory and explains that our thoughts are becoming reality continuously. Once you begin to realize this, try to become more happy more full filling and more full of energy. This will create more goodness, if this doesn’t seem to work, go back to the first point.
  3. Do not hurt, lie, be selfish, whatever project that you undertake, whatever family you have. Keep them in focus and be helpful more than you require to. Think about universal goodness and whatever you do give another being or life an opportunity to grow with it. This will create the universal energy more adamant on fulfilling your desires.