Understanding the inner-workings of a Psychic brain

Most people are taught to ignore their intuition. This further degrades their abilities. Their are few steps of rules or principles to develop these skills. Such skills require more effort than just meditating or working on inner peace. These two are the basis upon which the skills work. But understanding the psychic brain is now more important in this world after so many studies and it’s prevalence of well doctrine use in warfare from Nazi and now by American intelligence. I am sure you will find ample of history related with it online which we are not going to discuss in this article. This is not your usual Tarot reading website you must have guessed it by now.

Am I Psychic?

Do you have a mark on your head? No? Just Kidding. Everyone is similar in this aspect that we all correspond to a higher thought process. It is like how Terence Mc Kenna puts beautifully, “Half the time you think you are thinking, you’re actually listening”. Means that the thoughts are a product of resonance of the frequency of your environment. Now you get what they meant by saying environment of a person is important.

The brain which should be activated is the frontal lobe and the right side is more important. The problem is that any activity you might have ever done in your life no matter how creative, if it is not appealing your right brain. You are loosing this ability day by day. This is the reason behind ancient civilization’s obsession behind 110-111 Hz resonating temples. Imagine from your birth you are disable to see your one hand, but it is tied behind you and you are numb. After 20 years if the hand opens and you find it out. You will find that bones and muscles on that hand will disappear. Same is with Psychic powers they are hidden inside you in such a way that finding it is a tough job and even if you get it. You will be too weak. Children are better in this and they develop better tendencies with practice. This is why it is natural to human being who is born early than in people who try later.

Developing psychic abilities

  1. Appreciate your intuitive abilities- The Subconscious mind takes time for the rewiring process to take place. It is like tuning on a particular channel with noise on it, but you know that a channel is designated to the frequency but your device is not able to catch. This has been thoroughly in practice with modern ESP researchers .
  2. Begin to look deeper on the cause of thought- Instead of taking yourself as the progenitor of your thoughts try to listen to it in particular environments. The type of thoughts that are manifesting and the energy which you feel in different environments and compare.
  3. Practice with patience and clarity-  Don’t expect to read people’s thought in the early process. In the beginning you will just become aware of other people’s states just by looking at them. Or you might think about person just before they end up calling you or meeting you on street turn. When you think of others do so only with compassion and love. Avoid confrontation and negative energy to bring you down.
  4. Practice vigorous chanting- The sound of Mantras correspond to the frequency of the Universe. It is said in the ancient saying that, the universe is made up of words and if you know what words the universe is made up of you can do magic. Chanting has many known effects specially considering it switches the brain to the right side immediately.
  5. Instead of taking an imprint from the world start leaving imprints- The thought process is most important in honing this ability because of the facts that the material world so as we know in Quantum theory corresponds to our thoughts. When you are able to understand that most of the thoughts are coming inside you, you can make a wall against them and begin to put your own thoughts in place. Which will begin to change the world around you. The thoughts should be positive in order for a positive outcome for you to come.
  6. Meditate regularly- It is very important for clarity to come and it does not come until the mind opens. If you feel problem while meditating than do more, if you are not able to do it. It is even better because then you should do it more. The process of meditation involves you to be idle and your mind to be idle too. If their are obstacles while doing it, it will reveal you of the reason behind the hindrances.
  7. Learn to trust your inner-thought- When your gut tells you not to take the fastest lane back home. Then do not take fastest lane back home. Their is no use of it saying later that, “you had a gut feeling about something going wrong” but still you did it. This thing is informing your mind that you do not require any intuition. So better start learning to trust your-self.