Understanding the Conspiracy Theorists

Mainstream Media finds Conspiracy theorists crazy and insane. It is because if you do not do it, how will you be able to keep your agenda on? Recent years specially since the coming of the year 2010. There is a wave of conspiracy theorists online who have come up with some great findings. Earliest record is when the first time people began to talk about the ‘New World Order’. I am not going to talk about the books which have been coming to light as early as 1930s about it. Think about how many times online you stumble upon something absolutely weird and garbage, based on third class low IQ. Well New World Order was once in the same category until Bush Senior found a great platform in US congress and declared the wonders of New World Order. Which will bring more prosperity than it has been doing until now. Did you get it yet?

Researches and Psychologists did a research upon Conspiracy theorists and put this final draft of their research wherein they suggest that, Conspiracy theorists are one of the most sanest people on this planet. People who accept official versions of controversy and contested events are found to have inability to question authority. Conspiracy theorists have the ability to go back to basics of things and then from there carefully see where proofs takes them. They question everything they are told and avoid forming an opinion.

How to be a conspiracy theorist

In my case it started with my being scholarly apt. Having knowledge of science my hunger for more knowledge kept me going for more. Until one find day I questioned myself upon everything, there was no basis to it. Most of the things I was learning in school was useless. It has no relationship with a human life. I found education system stiffening me not for knowledge but for discipline. This is with every institution nowadays. Students are paying money just to be disciplined slave for corporate. I could have done the same could have worked in Microsoft or Adobe, I was a bright student. I chose something else entirely.

  1. Having knowledge of basic science is a must
  2. Capability to unlearn the learned behaviour
  3. Ability to look at one thing from many sides
  4. Feeling there is something wrong with the whole world
  5. Should be patient and Wise
  6. Should be able to take praise and insults equally
  7. Try to keep things to yourself until someone asks about it
  8. Lot of reading is required
  9. Believe in everything trust nothing