Trump, Putin and Modi taking the world towards a New World Order

Our advent to 2017 marks a new type of world order in place. First of all, we will discuss in detail about ‘New World Order’. It is a political term given to control over the world’s political, financial and religious systems. Due to globalization people who were in power are becoming more powerful. Therefore world is ordered by their major decisions. A Global Order forms through mutual understanding, lobbying and soft powers among the nations. Political leaders are already well connected around the world. This is why these three leaders Trump, Putin and Modi are most important.

Beginning of 2017 marks an important year for you people. This is solely because a new world order is now in place. Significant amount of elections took place last three years. Each of which saw a major decision making from the people. These elections took such a toll over hatred and blindness. People are identifying each other with their political views. It has become an important aspect of how a human being is in the eye of the other human-being.

If you are worried about it in your country. You should understand that this is happening all over the world. The Leftist vs the Rightist debates are becoming popular. This is exactly the setting of Albert Pike’s letter which we discussed in detail earlier. Political Zionism and Islam are getting closer in fight. So much in fact that entire world can go under civil war any day.

Trump Putin Modi

Putin one of the most popular leader in Russia is also world’s most favored political leader loved by the people in world. His restless approach to curb corruption and restoring Russia back to its glory days is being admired by the people of the world. In his patriotism and country’s favor also attacked Ukraine but destroyed ISIS. On the other hand Trump who read people’s mind better than Hillary often quoting to restore peace with Russia was elected few months back. Trump has upper-hand in his social media interaction with people. A businessman who also contrary to Hillary wants to restore ties and build strong relations with India and Russia. Modi one of the most voted political figure has taken India aback with demonetization and Financial and Civil revival. His decision of removing old notes from the system results in halting terrorists Kashmir havoc. He completely destroyed Hawala system a $3.4 Trillion Black Money market.

These three leaders have shown a mutual understanding over peace in their country. The three nationalists can either break into war or help in keeping peace. So you will be reading much more about them in this website in future.

The political arena has changed on one side are the lobbyists of Saudi Arabia, China, Pakistan, Germany and Iran. While on the other hand are lobbyists of Russia, India, Japan, South Korea and Israel.