Top 10 Leaders in the world 2016

The Paradigm upon which the world’s politics and economics revolves is changing. The leader’s chosen by the people of the country directly-or-indirectly impacts the world. Here are Top 10 Leaders of 2016 based upon amount of popularity, amount of reforms, economic status of the country since their joining, amount of power and the amount of impact internationally.


10. Benjamin Netanyahu – Prime Minister of Israel


Benjamin Netanyahu is known as fierce advocator of Israeli agenda and he has done it successfully more than anyone. He is widely known for his outspoken attitude and anti-terrorist mind-set. Netanyahu lost favor with the Israeli public after a long chain of scandals involving his marriage and corruption charges.

He faces tough but winnable battle to get Turkey deal approved. He promises to do everything possible for the Israelis in Gaza. Appealing to UN secretary General Ban-ki-Moon to intervene.

Even though he is known for his Missile Dome and state of the art anti-terrorism tactics. Which was introduced to Israel, later of which was helpful in saving thousands of lives. His popularity is descending.

Estimated to be worth $11 Million.


9. Dilma Rousseff – President of Brazil

DILMA-ROUSSEFFFirst female president of Brazil is known for fighting the necessary changes in education, health and security. She directly involves with her country’s poverty and addresses their misery. In an historic inauguration swearing in the presence of Hillary Clinton she addressed thousands of people.

Born in lower middle class she developed social-political-consciousness and became active when she was 16 years old. During the reign of military dictatorship, she participated in the militant activities of the COLINA (National Liberation Command) and advocated Marxist politics. Though she never participated in any acts of violence she learned handling of weapons.

She is well known for taking stand against American Corporations and advocate the importance of Free Energy in the country.

Rousseff was taken in custody by the OBAN headquarters and was tortured for 22 days by punching, ferule, and electric Shock through Car Batteries. Her Foreign Policy included active participation in the formation of BRICS.

Suspended for six months in trying to block investigation, her popularity has dropped recently.

She is expected to be worth $ 1 Million.


8. Tshering Tobgay – Prime Minister of Bhutan

bhutanHis father was one of first soldiers of Bhutan’s army while his mother helped built the first road connecting Bhutan to India. Togbay after receiving scholarship from the UN completed his master’s degree in public administration from Harvard University.

Togbay started with public administration before engaging in politics.  Togbay is a co-founder member of People’s Democratic Party and registered it as first political party. He actively works on youth employment, corruption and national debt along with focusing on Gross National Happiness. Bhutan is the only country which measures its success with GNH. Even during the world’s GDP dropping, he has been successful in keeping it on the highest rate in the world since 2013.

His Gross Income cannot be found but is expected to $30,000.



7. David Cameron – Prime Minister of Britain

800px-DavidCameronHomeOfficeBorn in an upper-middle class family the general 2010 election led to Cameron becoming Prime Minister as the head of the coalition government with the Liberal Democrats Party. During the late-2000s Financial Crisis, his Government sought the large deficit through austerity measures. His administration introduced new policies and large-scale changes to welfare immigration policy, education and healthcare. Privatized state assets like the Royal Mail and legalized Same-Sex Marriage.

He keeps a strong Foreign-Policy and reflects the consensus and his loyalty towards the country. He has been successful in putting forth the interest of Britain in the world. Even though his Military intervention in Iraq and Syria Backfired. Due to the criticism faced for not disclosing to the Commons. About the secret RAF Pilots directly engaging in the battlefield in Syria.

Thousands of Protestors assembled in London on the April of 9th, 2016 demanding his resignation on the basis of a Panama Papers documents leak. It shows him embezzling with £31,500 shares in an offshore fund along with his wife.

The European Union’s lack of democratic legitimacy weakens federalism by its own ruinous contradictions and spectacular failures. With the promise to bring peace and prosperity it went through grand follies and fueled more debt, despair and disintegration.

In consensus of the Commons of Great Britain, David Cameron thrusts ‘opt out EU’ referendum and returned Major Power back to London, which was earlier powered at Brussels. This is seen as his major Nationalism interest in favor of his country among the international fraternity.

He is estimated to be worth £3.2 million and inherits from both side of his family.


6. Shinzo Abe – Prime Minister of Japan

AbeShinzo is Japan’s youngest post war Prime Minister. He was able to produce a new world view of Japan and made the best working Foreign Policy. He improved Foreigner access to Japan and the rights and freedom of foreigners living in Japan. He re-wrote the Japanese Labour laws and put female equally in the distinction. He broke major Japanese Corporation to give equal importance to small ventures and enterprises.  he also successful broke the labour union and local trade union monopoly over the regional economic issues.

At the time of the first Abe administration, a Cabinet decision was made stating that there was no information that shows people were forcibly recruited. He considers himself a strong patriot and helps save people’s life.

Abe is far more capable and willing to go forward for his country and Japanese Nationality and Pride, by addressing Second World War with his citizens.

He is worth estimated $275 Million.


5. Barack Hussein Obama II – President of United States of America

ObamaWhen President Obama took over America, it was on a verge of greatest breakdown. Obama handled ‘great recession’ while disengaging active involvement in two foreign wars. Obama not only solved the problems his chair inherited but managed to put reforms such as – Affordable Care Act, Global Warming, Gun Control Legislation and Immigration reform. He is a great orator and inspires thousands through his words. Promotes clear alternatives for the nation and reoriented Foreign Policy to a more modest role.

Even with an approach which brought America back from recession America’s image have been lowered. Their quick-amateur leave from Iraq lead to a major blow-out in the world history. The weapons, tanks, anti-aircraft guns, rifles, pistols, heavy artillery left by them are now in hands of ISIS. After 1,89,000 people died in Iraq war, those weapons killed more than 3,00,000 in the hands of ISIS. This is a major dot in a President rule, since ISIS is still out and killing.

Other problems with controversy surrounding his birth-certificate and sexual orientation surfaced in the nation’s major newspapers.

He is net worth $12.2 million.


4. Angela Dorothea Merkel – Chancellor of Germany

Angela_Merkel_Juli_2010_-_3zu4Former research scientist Merkel is Chancellor Of Germany since 2005. Merkel earned a doctorate with a research on ‘Investigations of the mechanisms of the decay reactions with single bond breaking and calculations of the velocity constraints on the basis of quantum, chemical and statistical methods.’ She is often compared with Margaret Thatcher the former British Prime Minister.

The recent exit of Britain from EU, would now center the power to Berlin. This makes her the single most confident and most efficient leader. She will be playing more active role, this is how after second World War the power goes back to Germany.

She is now in third term of her office and help strengthening the office. She is known as ‘the decider’ and often cemented her role in Euro Crisis and strengthening of the falling currency. She has tremendous responsibility with Euro, now since it is in free fall. Which may make her the single most strong woman on the planet.

Her net worth is $11.5 Million.


3. Xi Jinping – President of the People’s Republic of China

His election campaign screamed of him being a people’s person. As a teenager he shared brick bed with three others in a cave. He survived only eating porridge. He was an ordinary boy with extraordinary ambitions. He quickly learned basic skills of political survival and got to the top on his own. He used to wash his own cloths and is known for making less but right decisions.

After the fall of Soviet Russia Xi Jinping became afraid of same occurring in China. So he laid emphasis on making the Chinese dream come true for the people. His love for his country and putting forth Chinese agenda successfully is only the beginning.

He gives people a dream of Rich, Wealthy and Strong China. One of his dreams is for the Chinese Football team to play in the world-cup.

Recently though China’s GDP has become stagnant and doesn’t seem to progress. The reason behind it is failure of innovation. Chinese are adamant on copying other devices, not a single inventor has ever come from the Country. No one has ever got a Nobel Prize in China. The reason being said is because of the weak educational system of China. Which Xi likes to control only through discipline and rigorous exams therefore giving no chance to creativity.

China is seeing increased sexual harassment and abuse of citizen’s rights. His obsession of controlling the free market as begun a financial crisis in China. Corruption has increased to industrial level and his willingness to claim land own by others is bringing down his popularity.

He is currently worth $1 Billion.


2. Narendra Modi – Prime Minister of the Republic of India

File photo of India's PM Modi at the inaugural session of Re-Invest 2015 in New DelhiFrom the boy who sold tea at the railway station to the seat of Prime Minister of India stands testimony in Indian Democratic system. His story of jumping into a pond full of crocodile to actively helping other leaders during emergency in India inspires the youth of the nation.

His promise to reform India into Global scene as a leader is slowly becoming real. After sixty years of Independence for the first time so many people on the planet united to take part in world’s biggest and most complicated election. Modi has been more than successful in being able to express a common man’s dream and aspiration. His reforms such as – ‘Swach Bharat (Clean India), Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana (Zero Balance accounts to the poor), 100-Smart City Projects, Successful conclusion of two rounds of coal block (earlier halted due to previous government scams), Mudra Bank with surplus of $2.9 Billion’

Moreover even though every nation in the world is suffering a declining GDP, India still rises. He has being giving loans to start-ups and entrepreneurs in India. For the first time introduced Crop-Insurance to help poor farmers.

It has been only two years since his arrival and he has already made his name among the international leaders.

He is worth $2 Million.


1. Vladmir Putin – President of Russian Federation

putinFinally former KGB agent and expert in ‘human communications’ Putin is now one of the most powerful leader. When he joined as the President of Russia, it was in great turmoil. There were issues over lands with other countries as well as many social and economic problems. Putin set-aside his pure genius and leadership and brought Russia back from thriving poverty and decline. He threw out of the country everyone who was against Russian interests and put on his agenda making Russia strong from within. He has successfully leaded the business-men of his country and played a major role in economic  re-development of Russia.

Internationally criticized for his aggressive and direct approach. Vladmir Putin leaves no chance for proving Russian point of view among the people. He publicly announces involvement of USA in throwing weapons to ISIS and also for buying oil from them.

Whether you believe or not but Putin single-handedly travels through the huge country insuring the security and well being of the people.  He is known to pop-up in public sometimes displaying his tricks in ice-hockey or swimming in rivers with the bears.

Brexit directly affects economy of Russia because it is the major exporter for EU. This could also lead to the end of the economic sanctions upon Russia.

His estimated worth is $200 million.