911 and the coincidences

When I pause to remember 9.11.01, my memories seem to drift from one scenario to another, from one atrocity to the next.  Most of all, when I remember 9/11, my mind reels from the vast numbers of inexplicable coincidences which seem to revolve around this national tragedy.

I remember that over 200 people jumped to their deaths from The Twin Towers, no longer able to withstand the suffocating smoke and searing flames.  I remember their heart-breaking, terrifying leaps into the empty nothingness of space — just to be free, to exist for a mere 10 seconds more, before suffering instant death on the concrete sidewalks of the World Trade Center below.  I remember the thousands of fire fighters and rescue workers who died slow, lingering deaths, as many still do ’till this day, because our Environmental Protection Agency had falsely assured them that the air at Ground Zero was safe to breathe, despite the fact that all the workers from the EPA always wore full HazMat suits at Ground Zero.

I remember how the top of the South Tower was COMPLETELY DISCONNECTED  from the lower portion of that building and was falling from it, yet we were told by the toads of NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) that the tops of the World Trade Centers acted like “pile drivers” to collapse the structures beneath them– even tho the structures beneath them were completely undamaged, and the structures above them weighed nearly the exact same amount as they did before the plane strikes.  And whereas real ‘pile drivers’ must be raised far into the air and then dropped for any ‘pile driving’ effect to actually take place, it is my recollection of that day that neither top of either World Trade Center was lifted and then dropped onto the building below it.   However, I do remember that the designers of the World Trade Centers had stated that they had designed both World Trade Centers to survive multiple strikes from fully fueled 4 engine transatlantic airliners, and that somehow, all 47 of the steel core columns of both buildings disappeared even tho neither plane struck either central core of either tower.

I will also remember that jet fuel, with perfect vaporization, can reach approx. 1600 degrees Farenheit, while structural steel melts at approximately 2700 degree Farenheit.   I also remember that the majority of the fuel from both planes burned outside of the buildings.  I remember that a fire broke out in one of the towers at the World Trade Center in 1993 and burned for over 6 hours without causing ANY structural damage to that building, just as I will remember that nowhere else on the planet has any steel framed high rise building ever collapsed from fire, even from fires  that burned for 18 hours straight.   I definitely remember that the World Trade Center towers were the first — and only — steel framed buildings to completely collapse due to fire at any time, anywhere in the world, altho both of these fires lasted less than two hours.

I do remember wondering how it was that 90,000 tons of hardened steel and re-enforced concrete could essentially be vaporized into a powder finer than talc, and spread throughout lower Manhattan; I wondered how unburned particles of military grade nano-thermite could be found in the residue throughout the World Trade Center, and dismissed because the samples had not come from “official government sources.”   I wondered about the psychic ability of the person who had arranged for the sale of scrap metal from the World Trade Center collapse to be sold and shipped to China, months in advance of the attack on the World Trade Center; just as I wondered how “Lucky” Larry Silverstein, who owned The World Trade Center and who ritually enjoyed breakfast every morning at the “Windows on the World Restaurant” on the top floor of The World Trade Center, had somehow decided not to do so on the morning of September 11th.

911 and the coincidencesI will remember that only a day after the World Trade Center Towers  #1 and #2 collapsed, investigators discovered glowing hot spots of radioactivity under both piles of rubble; and that rivers of molten steel were observed running under both World Trade Centers as late as December 21st, over three months after their collapse; what sort of otherworldly jet fuel could do that?… I remember wondering.   I even remember that nearly all the gold and silver bars stored in the basements of the World Trade Center towers were removed the previous day, but that one truck  was found stuck under the debris pile.  Somehow, the custodians of all that gold and silver (nearly 100 tons of precious metals) had apparently moved it out on a hunch or a whim the day before 9/11, because, of course, no one other than the alleged hijackers and Osama bin Laden had advance knowledge of this event.

I will remember the denials of our government that the black boxes from the planes which struck The World Trade Center towers were not found at Ground Zero, when three of the four boxes actually were found at Ground Zero by firefighters Mike Bellone and Nicholas De Masi, who publicly stated in 2004 that they had found them.  I remember reading that Bellone and De Masi said that Federal agents told the two men not to mention having found them, and all the black boxes were immediately confiscated by the FBI.

I remember that approximately one month before 9/11, both towers were shut down for an entire weekend, electrical power to both towers completely cut, and bomb sniffing dogs removed from both buildings, while anonymous “workers” in gray suits, hauling huge cables on their arms, moved in and out of both towers, doing “repairs” of an unknown nature, resulting in people returning to their offices the following Monday at The World Trade Center to find a 1/2 inch layer of dust covering everything.

I will remember that two seismographs in New York (separately) recorded deep, underground disturbances approximately 15 seconds before either plane struck either tower, which could indicate cutting charges severing both buildings from their foundations by explosives — or perhaps New York City coincidentally suffered two significant earthquakes precisely 15 seconds before either plane struck either tower. You do believe in coincidence, don’t you?

I will, while these events are still fresh in my memory, recall that Building Seven, a 47 story tower at the World Trade Center, collapsed later that same day, despite not being hit by any airplane, even tho it only had 3 small office fires on various floors.   I remember that it fell straight down, perfectly and symmetrically right into its own footprint, almost as if it had been purposely collapsed by pre-planted explosives.  I will remember that the collapse of Building Seven, which most Americans still know nothing about, coincidentally destroyed all ongoing security fraud cases against World Com, Enron and Global Crossing, which had been housed in Building Seven at the Security and Exchange Commission.  I will also remember that the BBC News Network had announced the collapse of Building Seven nearly a 1/2 an hour before it occurred, while the outline of Building Seven remained clearly visible in the  TV background of this very BBC reporter as she psychically reported its future demise.  I will also remember the video taped interview with “Lucky” Larry Silverstein, owner of the entire World Trade Center complex, where he plainly stated (re: building Seven) that he gave the order to “pull it” — which is the standard terminology used in the demolition industry to collapse a building and destroy it using pre-planted explosive charges.  Just another amazing coincidence that day!

I will remember that the Israeli telephone firm Odigo had warned all 400+ of its employees hours before the World Trade Center was attacked to evacuate the building; just as I remember the 5 dancing Israeli’s who had set up a video camera on a  tripod across the Hudson River, and who were video taping the planes as they hit the WTC Towers.   They were seen laughing,  celebrating and hi-fiving each other as the carnage unfolded before their eyes — until they were arrested.  I remember, curiously, that their van featured  a painted graphic of The Twin Towers with an airplane flying into them.   Co-incidence, … it is an amazing thing!

I will also remember that when these five Israeli “art students” were arrested and their van was searched, the police found Arab style garments, fake passports, and the police bomb sniffing dogs reacted positively for explosives.  I will also remember that they were allowed to return to Israel within a few weeks, with no charges ever pressed against them.  I remember that when three of these video documentary revelers were interviewed on Israeli television (you can still see their video on YouTube), and asked why they were in New York with their video camera, they stated quite simply that they “….were there to record the event…” — which, of course, begs the question as to how they knew  that “The Event” of 9/11 was going to happen… and if they really knew in advance, why they did nothing to warn us, their ally?  I still remember Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s curious, spontaneous reaction to 9/11 when he was asked about it.  He blurted that “….it will be good for Israel.”  One must have one’s priorities!

I also must remember to ask why the U.S. lapdog Media is constantly complicit in ignoring any story which contradicts the official government conspiracy fantasy as outlined in the “official” 9/11 Commission Report.    I must also remember asking why The National Geographic (NatGeo) has done two hour long television specials debunking (or more accurately, trying to debunk) all skeptics of the official government fairy tale, while constantly referring to non-government investigators as “truthers” — thereby using the terminology of a psy-op (psychological operation directed against the public) to disparage those who wish to bring inconvenient truths to light, all the while NatGeo does its best to keep those truths from truly being revealed and understood.

I remember and still wonder why the magazine Popular Mechanics Magazine devoted an entire issue to supposedly debunking the “myths” of 9/11, without also admitting that the majority of their staff had been replaced by CIA operatives 6 months prior?  Or that the author of the article on the debunking of 9/11 “myths” issue, Benjamin Cherthoff, just happened (coincidentally, of course!) to be the cousin of Michael Cherthoff, our first Head of Homeland Security, a relationship Benjamin Cherthoff had vehemently denied until being nailed with irrefutable proof!

And speaking of Michael Cherthoff, I also remember that Mr. Cherthoff, acting as Head of Homeland Security, secretly chartered 4 intercontinental airliners and filled these 4 planes with with all of Osama Bin Laden’s relatives who had been in the United States on 9/11, and then flew bin Laden’s relatives to the Middle East the day after 9/11, when no other planes were allowed to fly above U.S. air space; just as I remember that Mr. Cherthoff left his job soon thereafter to become the head promoter of RapiScan Technologies, which makes airport security X-ray scanners($325K each) for all U.S. commercial airports to guard against terrorists.  How fortuitous for Mr. Cherthoff…. but I’m sure that this was just a lucky coincidence as well.

While I remember this, I also remember that Osama bin Laden’s actual undercover (CIA given) name was Tim Osman, and that Mr. Osman was previously on the CIA payroll when he worked for the CIA in Afghanistan.  As I do this, I am compelled to also remember that the Bush family and the bin Laden family, coincidentally, had business relationships that stretched back more than twenty years; and I find it ironic that while the majority of the hijackers reputedly came from Saudi Arabia, we did not attack nor invade Saudi Arabia, but instead chose to attack Iraq and Afghanistan.

Speaking of Iraq, I remember that The Project for the New American Century (P-NAC) was written in Israel a few years prior to 9/11 by Neo-Cons and eventual Bush II cabinet members and dual U.S./Israeli citizens Richard Perle, Lewis Libby, Douglas Feith, William Kristal (CFR), Elliiot Abrams (CFR), Aaron Friedberg (CFR), Donald Kagan (CFR), Robert Kagan (CFR), Stephen Rosen, Eliot A. Cohen, Paul Dobriansky, Fred C. Ickle, Paul Wolfowitz, and Norman Podhoretz — all Zionist zealots who had predicted that only a new “Pearl Harbor” type of event would motivate, outrage and energize Americans sufficiently to project our military power permanently to the Middle East in order to control (NOT extract) the Arab oil, gas, and mineral supplies from growing Chinese and Russian influence and protect their Israeli homeland.   In fact, I remember that according to former Secretary of the Treasury Paul O’Neil, that President Bush expressed his desire to invade Iraq in his very first U.S. Security Council meeting, 8 months prior to 9/11.

I also remember the fact that the entire, monstrously misnamed “Patriot Act” (the law that helped eviscerate our Bill of Rights, our freedoms as Americans, and the very freedoms our troops are supposedly fighting to protect in the numerous wars throughout the Middle East) was written prior to 9/11, just waiting in the wings for the right “event” to be dragged out and sold to a panicked American populace as a pancea to be used against terrorists, when in reality it was designed to be used against The American People.  I remember that this so-called “Patriot Act” was not written by Osama bin Laden.  It was written by Neo-Cons, globalists and internationalists serving George Bush II who conveniently masquerade as Americans, and yet who truly despise our freedoms, and value our Constitution as reverently as George Bush II, who referred to The Constitution of the United States as “…. just a God-damned piece of paper….” .  I also remember how this despicable piece of legislation, The ‘Patriot Act’,  was strongly endorsed and promoted by the Bush Administration.  Yet even if one still naively believes that 19 Arabs with box cutters committed the atrocity of  9/11 because they “despised our freedoms”, as George Bush so often claimed, you must recognize and admit that it was President Bush and his administration which actively assisted them in actually destroying many of our freedoms enshrined in The Bill of Rights thru the crafting and promotion of The Patriot Act and its double-down offspring, Patriot Act II.  Or do you care to remember that?

Continuing along this peculiar path, I even remember that despite the Pentagon being ringed by 86 video security cameras, the U.S. Government has seen fit to show us only four frames of video from one security camera that day, which does not show any airliner striking the Pentagon; it only shows an explosion.  Skeptics are quick to point out that the 72 foot high tail of the alleged airliner would have been easy to spot, even in the four frames of video released, IF it had been there… but that airliner nor its towering tail is nowhere to be seen in these frames.

I will remember wondering why, if our government has simply told the truth about an airplane strike on The Pentagon, that we cannot be shown full motion videos from the other 85 video cameras which ringed The Pentagon that day, and why the videos from those cameras are still classified?  What is it that these videos could possibly reveal that would be considered a national security secret, or that we do not know already?  After all, we already “know” (because our government told us so and would never lie to the American Public) that a plane struck the Pentagon, so what else could there possibly be to keep secret on these other 85 videos?  And why did the FBI visit all the businesses around the Pentagon and confiscate videos from any security camera that might have possibly recorded the “airplane” that hit the Pentagon?  Unless, of course, it wasn’t an airplane….

But if the object that struck The Pentagon wasn’t an airplane, then it could have only been a missile.  And if a missile did strike The Pentagon, then it raises the disturbing questions of who launched it, and from where was it launched?  A mobile missile launcher, invisible to The Pentagon’s 86 video cameras?  A huge, yet invisible truck?  Another aircraft, unknown, invisible and not yet discovered after 10 years?  Where could such a missile have come from?  The caves of Osama bin Laden, perhaps?

I remember, ironically, that the ‘plane’ that allegedly struck The Pentagon flew directly into the offices of the accounting unit which had been tasked with the job of locating 2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS that The Pentagon had sheepishly revealed they had somehow lost the day prior, on September 10th.  The explosion and death of those 31 Army investigators (Resource Services, Washington) permanently stopped that investigation.  Just another coincidence.

I also remember that Israeli dual citizen, and Rabbi, and Undersecretary for the Defense Department, Dov Zakheim, had been tasked with finding that missing 2.3 Trillion dollars;   I also seem to remember that Mr. Zakheim was Vice President of a company called System Planning Corporation, an Israeli-based company whose specialty was designing and building remote control guidance systems for airplanes, boats and missiles.   Can you say coincidence?  I knew you could!

The reason I bring up the idea of a missile again, of course, is that I well remember the very peculiar trajectory of the “airliner” which allegedly struck The Pentagon.  I remember puzzling over the fact that the novice “pilot” of this “airliner”, instead of choosing to simply dive into his target as any Kamikazee style attacker would have done, chose instead to perilously level off perfectly parallel to the ground, over a half mile away from his target, and then fly perfectly parallel to the ground and just four feet above the ground for over 3 football fields in length.   Then this suicide “plane” (coincidentally) just happened to slam directly into the one suite of offices that had been tasked with finding that missing 2.3 TRILLION dollars!  Why, it’s almost as if that “plane” had been aiming  at this one particular spot in The Pentagon, almost as if it were somehow drawn or magnetically guided to this one particular area of The Pentagon by remote control… almost as if it really were a missile and not a plane… assisted, perhaps, by technology from a company like Mr. Zakheim’s…

Yet I will remember being amazed at how this fragile airliner and its even more delicate nose cone, covered by a thin plastic material which birds frequently destroy on impact, somehow penetrated thru three rings of The Pentagon consisting of granite, concrete, rebar and structural steel, leaving perfectly round 16 foot holes in every one of these massive barriers.  Despite these very solid obstacles, the miraculous nose cone of this “airplane” never suffered any deterioration or deformity thru 3 layers of The Pentagon, and yet there were no remains of that very special, indestructible nose cone in the rubble. I will also marvel that all the bodies, all the luggage, and all the hard parts of that airplane vaporized on impact, (including the tungsten-carbide jet engines turbines) leaving only one small scrap of aluminum on the lawn as an indication of an airplane strike.  I also remember Donald Rumsfeld reporting that a missile had hit the Pentagon, before he quickly caught and corrected himself by saying that it was really an airplane.  Of course, he misspoke.  Just a coincidence.

And while I continue to remember the Pentagon attack, I will also remember that Vice President “Dick” Cheney was ensconced at The Pentagon, directly on the opposite side of The Pentagon “plane” attack, where he was directing 4 separate, independent military aircraft exercises on that very day, at the same time as the airplanes were flying into the World Trade Center and The Pentagon.  And I remember, when I learned of this interesting juxtaposition, that I marvelled at the incredible coincidence that these 4 separate military exercises (Operation Northern Vigilance, and Operation Vigilant Guardian among them) miraculously, and once again –completely coincidentally — involved hijacked airplanes flying into both The World Trade Centers and The Pentagon!  What an amazing coincidence!  What are the astronomical odds of such an event occurring?  Perhaps almost as rare as the odds of the major media even mentioning this verifiable fact since it was first discovered!

Why is it that I distinctly remember that several hundred airline pilots, who fly these EXACT same aircraft on a daily basis, have publicly stated that the maneuvers reputedly performed by those Arab hijackers, (who had slightly more than 20 hours of experience flying a single engine propeller Cessna aircraft), would be nearly impossible for them to duplicate, even tho most of these pilots are combat veterans with 20,000 plus flying hours on jets?  Why do I remember these professional pilots stating that it is physically impossible for a passenger jet to fly at 500 miles an hour 4 feet above the ground without that jet plane being forced to rise about 60 feet above that altitude, due to the ‘air cushion’ ground effect generated beneath the main wing by such close proximity? According to these veteran airline pilots, it would have been impossible for any jet aircraft to strike the Pentagon at such a low level with such a long flight path approach — impossible for a passenger jet, but certainly not for a guided missile.

Why is it that over 250 of these pilots have formed an organization called “Pilots for 9/11 Truth” which details the near physical impossibility of the maneuvers these jets were put thru that day?  Why do I remember that over 1500 architects have formed an organization called “Architects for 9/11 Truth” which insist it is a physical impossibility for any of the THREE World Trade Center buildings to have collapsed due to the airplane strikes and fires in World Trade Centers One and Two, as described in the “Official” 9/11 Commission Report? And why did the “Official” 9/11 Commission report choose to totally ignore the collapse of the 47 story Building Seven into its own footprint?  Was the collapse of Building Seven simply omitted from the final “official” government report?   Because there was no valid explanation for the collapse of Building Seven that the lapdogs at NIST could conjure?

Of course, I also remember the heroic passengers aboard Flight 93 who, we are told, crashed their airplane into the field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.  And I remember wondering why, unlike every airline crash that has ever happened both before or after Shanksville, that there were no airliner parts, no engine parts, no landing gear, no bodies, no luggage — in short, NOTHING which one would find at any other airline plane crash that has ever happened– just a black hole in the ground.  It also makes me remember asking myself why, if this airplane simply crashed due to the passengers trying to take over this airplane from the hijackers, that a debris field from this airplane actually starts 8 miles from the crash site.  The only way that this could happen, of course, is if the airplane had started breaking up 8 miles prior to the fuselage crashing into the field.  And while I reminisce about the poor people on board this flight, and their magical ability to communicate with their loved ones via primitive cell phone technology while thousands of feet in the air, I also remember the name of the U.S. Air Force pilot, Rick Gibney, who confessed to shooting down Flight 93.  Of course, if Mr. Gibney had shot down Flight 93 as he publicly stated, it would also mean that the entire scenario of passengers valiantly fighting against the terrorists on this airplane has been totally fabricated, just as the motion picture derived this fictional event (“Flight 93”) would have been made up out of whole cloth for public consumption as yet another psy/op on the American public.

Perhaps related to the above mystery, I also remember that the direction of our nation’s air defense had been switched, for the first time in our history, from NORAD to the Secretary of Defense (Mr. Donald Rumsfelfd) only a few months prior to 9/11, and then was immediately switched back to NORAD ONE DAY LATER, on 9/12.  Coincidence, of course!

I will remember that Mr. A.B. “Buzzy” Krongard, formerly the #2 man at the CIA, had placed ‘shorts’ on multiple  stocks  affected by this tragedy a week before this event, and that this exact story, featured prominently in the San Francisco Chronicle for 3 days after 9/11, has completely disappeared from the media to this day.   I will remember that George Bush II’s brother Marvin Bush, as well as his cousin, Wirt Walker, were on the boards of Securicom and Stratesec, and that both these companies had been tasked with the security at The Word Trade Center and, coincidentally, at Dulles International Airport, where the flights took off for the attack, a fact which the castrated lamestream Media is loathe to mention.  I will remember how 8 of the 19 “hijackers” turned up alive in the Middle East days after the attacks; and I will remember wondering why any hijackers who planned to attack both New York and Washington, D.C. would decide to drive from Florida, all the way to MAINE, passing both New York City  and Washington D.C., their reputed targets, and instead hinge the success of their entire operation on catching connecting flights from Maine to Boston, where, we are told, they hijacked their planes….

I also remember wondering about the astounding navigational abilities of these novice flyers, who could barely fly single engine Cessnas to navigate to destinations that they could not visually see, and make maneuvers many airline pilots with military training said they could not do, and fly three planes into both the World Trade Center towers and The Pentagon.  I will remember wondering why  they did not fly directly out of any of the airports that are visible from their targets, like JFK, Newark or La Guardia airports, since doing so would have lessened the time that our air defense would have had to respond to their threat, and would have also allowed them to visually fly to their targets, rather than have to navigate to them.  And exactly how did they manage to do that navigation — via instruments?… or “dead” reckoning?  or what?   Their advanced aircraft navigational skills which they apparently learned by piloting single engined propeller Cessnas are surely astounding!

Continuing my reminisces, I will remember that William Rodgriquez, the last man out of the World Trade Center, was on sub-level 4 when he heard a series of explosions below him, and when he ran out into the corridor, he saw fallen ceilings, collapsed walls, corridors strewn with rubble, and one his best friends walking towards him with his skin hanging off his body in sheets.   I remember Mr. Rodriguez repeatedly stating that the plane hit the Tower where he was located nearly a minute after these explosions occurred.   I will also remember that William Rodriguez testified about these facts personally, not only to the 9/11 Commission, but face to face with President Bush about these strange anomalies;  and yet his testimony is nowhere to be found in the “official” 9/11 Commission Report; instead, it has been completely omitted, obviously censored.  I will remember how William Rodgriquez was courted by President Bush and the Republican establishment to run for public office, just as I remember how those Republican offers of support dried up when William Rodriguez would not change his truthful testimony which refuted the official government 9/11 conspiracy fantasy fairytale.

I will also remember that the “official” government 9/11 Commission Report only allowed evidence which supported the “official” Government conspiracy explanation while omitting everything and everyone else that did not; further, I will remember that the authors of the 9/11 report stated after the report was released that they were repeatedly delayed, misled, lied to and deceived by various branches of the government and the military. I will remember that the 9/11 Commissioners knew that military officials misrepresented the facts to the Commission, and that the Commission considered recommending criminal charges for their false statements; that co-chair of the commission, Lee Hamilton, said the commission was set up to fail; that commissioner Timothy Roemer said that they were extremely frustrated with the false testimony they received from government officials; that commissioner Max Cleland said the 9/11 commission was a national scandal and that “…this (Bush) White House wants to cover it up….”; and that senior counsel to the 9/11 Commission, John Farmer, stated:  “ At some level of the government, at some point… there was an agreement not to tell the truth about what happened.”

I will also remember that the 9/11 families had to move heaven and earth in order to get George Bush II to form a commission of inquiry into 9/11, a move he resisted with every atom of his being, and that when he finally, reluctantly agreed more than one full year later to the creation of the 9/11 Commission, he appointed globalist Henry Kissinger, who was immediately condemned and almost universally despised, as his choice to head the commission.  It was Dr. Kissinger, of course, who had in the past said of the military and its members:  “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.”  This is the man that President Bush hand picked to head the 9/11 Commission!

Yet most of all, as I remember the people, events, anomalies and unexplained mysteries of 9/11, I remember that there was not one single person, male or female, in government, in civil service, in the military, or in civilian life, who was in any way punished, reprimanded, demoted, censored, prosecuted, imprisoned or executed for dereliction of duty, sub-standard performance, lack of planning , collusion, collaboration, treachery or treason.  In fact, I remember that not one single person in any way, manner, shape or form, was reprimanded or disciplined regarding the atrocity and mass murder of 9/11; yet I can point to hundreds of people who were, instead, promoted, given raises, and lauded, apparently for their incompetence!

These are just a few of my memories of 9/11.  If you do not “remember” any of them, or are only aware of a few of them, it’s because you have chosen to live in a fool’s paradise, spawned and created by the government-media complex which has misled you with lies that you thought to be true.  It is because you are too lazy, too complacent, too simple minded, and too unpatriotic to question the lamestream Media, question your own assumptions, do your own independent research, and come to your own conclusions while being spoon fed your beliefs by this government-media Nanny state.  Unlike nearly every person, many of them professionals with advanced degrees or members of our military, who are committed to the revelation of the real Truths of 9/11 and the genuine conspiracy that it involves, you have chosen to be a part of the herd mind, the stereotypical “sheeple”, led by the “Good Shepherds” of the international, globalist, Neo-Con, New World Order.

If this is indeed where your blind faith and trust in the imagined beneficence of government has led you, despite the repeated warnings of our Founding Fathers to always be suspicious of the motives and actions of ALL governments; and if nothing you have read above stirs you from your complacent lethargy to separate yourself from those who continue to promote the fictional fantasy outlined in “The Official 9/11 Commission Report”, then may the chains of your eternal subservience, ignorance, and slavery rest lightly upon you.

If, on the other hand, you have discovered numerous mysteries and anomalies which strike you as more than slightly peculiar; canned government-media “explanations” which simply no longer ring true; curious anomalies which make you question why The Media has never revealed or investigated them or worse — purposely hidden their existence from your consideration; and you find you are outraged that none of these verifiable truths have seen the light of day in the so-called “mainstream” media, despite the fact that each of these inconvenient truths have been well known for nearly a decade since 9/11… then you are ready to discover the real answers to those responsible for this criminal operation — both the mass murder at the World Trade Center and the larger crime, The Hijacking of The American Nation.

I invite you to the join the growing ranks of the rest of us, truly Brothers and Sisters in The Spirit of Freedom, as we join in the quest for Truth and Justice for the victims of 9/11, to reveal the real perpetrators of this atrocity.

May those black-hearted assassins from every country which participated in this inhuman travesty be brought to Justice, so that every single needless death associated with 9/11, including the mass murder of the innocents in New York City, as well as every nation which has needlessly suffered death due to this premeditated false-flag operation, be ultimately and mercilessly avenged!

8 thoughts on “911 and the coincidences

  • October 23, 2011 at 3:49 am

    This is a great article..I was *having a lucid (?)* dream..on the opposite side. Of the cntenent..when the planes first hit..
    Dream: my friend & I had been to two hard to get to places..looking at “tile” the most amazingly beautiful tile..quarry..I returned alone..to find two vertical quarries of white marble..inside one a woman was working..tool belt..hanging from ropes..with a pick & chisel..she had long blond hair..jeans..no hard hat..there was a very narrow rim around..aa hole..that went all the way down to a body of water..she was very angry..told me to go to the other vertical mine and talk to..him..the man over there..was working like the woman was..intense..angry…I repeated my request to pick up the 3000 white marble tiles..my friend and I had ordered..the man had light brwn short hair..they both told me..I had stolen..the 3000 marble tiles..they demanded payment..from me(?)..I explained I had neither the 3000 tiles nor money to reimburse them..they demanded return or payment..I was told to get off the island before I got hurt…*things fell sometimes* I was told and don’t return sans 3000 tiles..they pointed to a narrow bridge..that led to a larger land mass..I was afraid I wouldfall…just then two shiney silver metal speed boats..were zooming by..I tried to hail them to stop and give me a ride to safe land..they looked at me briefly..thru the glass..3-5 men in each speed boat..beards..also looked very angry..and ignored me…the woman in mine one..yelled..you need to do something fast..return the tiles..pay or get away asap…as I ws walking over the narrow limestone irregular walkway..the phone woke me..a friend calling telling me to turn on the tv…
    As I did I saw a rerun…..of tower one..being hit..then real time.tower 2..
    I wondered in horror how many beautiful marble souls would be the final count…next I wondered at the surreeal quality..of the reruns..like a movie..
    …..I have never shared this before..except with a few…..note the faces in the smoke..as it billows out..some angry..some sad..some almost like angels..
    My guess..fire elementals..thought forms..and help* from angels. Etc..there just before the planes hit..to comfort and help.

    • October 26, 2011 at 3:46 pm

      Thank You Katherine for filling this post with lovely response.
      I remember you telling me, long time back as how you manage to cross so many souls to the other side and as to how they reacted and were behaving in confusion and chaos. You do a lovely job for mankind after life..Which is beyond a mere work of human. Thank You!

  • October 23, 2011 at 2:08 pm

    Note: my personal dream symbology (having studied dream interp for many years in classes groups and intuitively) is

    A square tile* represnts a soul

    The white very precious marble referred to the clarity ( relative purity) of the the three thousand lost souls

    Twin Towers..ensouled partially at least. By two polarities…yiin yang..balance..etc..

    Vertical mines = the overshadowing consciousness’ of the buildings and inhabitants..were balancing on the outter rim..a mine..precious metals or jewels..

    The holes from sky to ground…(water in dream I was told not to touch..poison) the towers were built on low lying isalnd land..easily flooded..and just underneath..the atlantic ocean..

    Later: the holes ran almost the. Entire cental shaft of both towers….

    Water was contaminated..(see post above

    Quarie= a place where treasure in gems or precious materal has already been found..hence..quarried.

    It was never clear why ..in the dream..I returned alone..only to be accuzed of stealing the valuable *tiles* or why ask to pay for them or retuurn them…(guess)= they were very valuable..much more than any money could purchase..a metaphor

    Impossible to return the tiles ..because I had no idea where they were ..
    Nor who had stolen them..

    The thin limsestone walkway..looked as if it had been precipitated underground..in a deep cave that grows stellagtites and stellamites

    Active accumulation..(growth) …connecting the two towers and a long thn dangerous walkway…to what we now know were the other five* low rise buildings in the world trade (exchange of valuable commodities) center.

    After a week or two several of us began a weekly mditation group..to help those killed so suddenlyy..they were unaware they were no longer in need of the phyisical..but for various reasons had *missed* going into the light..
    We met for several months..once a week..along with hundreds of other groups I’m sure..to assist the wandering ..confused ..souls move onward..

    They came by droves..hundreds..each meditation…the light in this sense holds no reiigious nor phlosophical system…

    The Light= from what we have learned from NDE’s and / or those believe in reincarnation..and retaiin some or all continuity of consciousness..all go into a light..first..often met by a bright shinning angel like Being/ a God/ if devoted aethiests..(plus belivers in a source) may be met by a relative or good friend ..someone special to them..that finally helps them release the fear and confuson that has held them here….It appears to be a uniiversal experience…
    All go into the light one may ask..?

    In recent years I have noticed that some ..we might call extremely wicked or those who live by wicked intent..fully aware of the autrousties.they..caarry out..or lead..appear to be met by compassionate but powerful Beings..(angelic in appearance) and taaken *elsewhere* some few around the world…are not alllowed..it seems..to go anywhere at all bbut remain kept in deep underground pools ..caves etc..why? I could only guess..

    Our meditations..for 9/11..was the only way I could envison..returning the 3000 plus people who died that day….for there is no price calculatable for a life….

    The note quite precog dream..may have resulted from the extreem focus. Of the. Planet ..along with the ppl inside and first responders being called*

    Plus it was already being captured on film and early broadcasts had begun….

    Silver speedboats..guided by men hell bent on their destination..obviiously the two planes..

    The collective unconscious or collective awareness as Carl Jung discribed..may have led my sleeping brain to *pic up* the chaos..just beginng..

    I hope this clarified any questions..about my internal symbols..in dreams..luciid or otherwise.

    10.23.2911….dream from 9.11.2001


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