Thailand Bombarded a large area for re-forestration

We started with 16 million square kilometers of forest and now we are left with only 6.2 million square kilometers. Deforestation does not only mean that a forest is missing but also that a whole line of extinct and endangered species follow it. So, reforestation is the only way for us if we want to keep going on this planet.

A seed Bomb is fertilizer embedded inside a clay with seeds. The idea is to drop it from a plane like carpet bomb on a large area. The clay or paper upon impact breaks allowing the seed to germinate through moisture inside of the fertilizer.


The Royal Thai Government (Government of Thailand) has been bombing there land with seed bomb.

First introduced by U.S weapons manufacturing corporation Lockheed Martin in the year 1999. They planted 9 million seeds 0.00001% of what is required.

Watch the video:


There are evidences that the success rate is 70% given the condition that the area receives proper rain. Good!?