Five Life lessons that everyone should learn from Modi

Modi is the most famous Prime Minister ever to have come in the History of India. The power and valor with which he has been forming strategies to develop the country is fast becoming a development model. But what else this Gujarati man has to offer to the rest of the world that can actually benefit everyone? Besides Solar Power Projects and Clean Energy initiative. Modi’s Foreign Policy and Soft power exercising is sweeping the Western leaders off their feet.

Be Bold but also be humble

In one of the speeches he made to the public during his 2014 election. He added that “Neither will I bow my head neither will I ask another to bow head, I will talk eyes to eye.” Even though he made this statement showing his policy towards China. This is in itself a wonderful personality which helps people to grow in any work place which is full of resistance.

Hard-work without vision is fools work

This election Modi in an election stitch compared himself with a donkey. He did it of course to get back to his opposition but he did so adding a very important information to it. Even though Modi is known for his hard work, people closed to him know that, more than hard work Modi has a vision for India. This is the reason why when where others fail, Modi comes out as a winner.

Trust yourself even when your own are against you

Modi has been a target of many leaders including even some of the people from his own party. Media has been creating so much of controversy about Modi that he is known as the most controversial leader of the world. Country’s own Media house including Barkha Dutt etc. tried to manipulate News and information trying to blame Modi. But Modi never compromised on his terms with them.

Initiative and responsibilities is important in gaining people’s trust

It is of course important to take initiatives but keeping it responsibly is utmost important in gaining people’s trust. Modi has done the same since his days of Gujarat. He has been initiating new projects such as Make In India and Swacch Bharat Abhiyan. These things have been giving India a morale boost and trust upon the PM. Since he is performing his duty.

Always keep space for quick decision making

Of course the vision is important and the panning is in order. But things don’t always go according to the plan. Modi has shown throbbing and quick decision making skills. Whether it was attack on army or his speech to the Rock Concert in America. Modi has shown that even though there will be time, but you still will have to make most important decisions quickly. Whether you are a businessman, Student or even the Prime Minister of a country.