Is America in chemical warfare against Native Americans?

Fresh reports from ‘Standing Rock’ indicates a new type of Vendetta arising against the native Americans. Authorities of North Dakota are working hard spraying water upon the natives during the afternoon. Violating the age old Treaty of ‘No Fly Zone’ are spraying chemicals upon the people in the night. Brave Native who have been able to get the message out are being targeted for violent attacks.

Many types of different air-crafts some chartered, silent helicopters with their lights off. Are dangerously flying over the altitude. The air-space is being used illegally since they do not have permissions to be flying over a Federal Tribal Land.

An aircraft flying over the area from about 1:40 AM to 2:20 AM on the morning of 14th November. Encircled the area and circumvented it in every two-minutes. Spraying chemical agents on top of the Native People displaying an act of chemical warfare. With the help of a Crop-Duster airplane use to spray chemicals on the crops.

UN has been very silent to the Human Rights Violation and a voice has yet to be cracked against it in the Mainstream International Politics. People have been spreading information under the hashtag #NoNDPL. People of America are celebrating Anniversary of annexing the land of Red Indians in the form of ThanksGiving day. Which becomes very ironic due to the fact that they still have some land left to take.

Standing Rock is fast becoming an international dispute and ignorance of American Authorities are pointing to the fact that indeed an act of crime is under process. This will not stop here and will succumb USA into an international laughing stock of a Bully.

Standing Rock

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Thankful to the people of America who are sending accurate news about Standing Rock.