World’s only Human Reserve in threat due to pipeline

You might have heard about forest reserves or animal reserves but some humans are also endangered. Native American Tribes who were divided and were allocated small lands to live all over the country is coming together. The reason behind being an oil pipeline planned to run across Standing Rock Reservation. Fueling ‘Dakota Access National Pipeline’ Protest also known as ‘Standing Rock Access Pipeline Protests’ which is bringing tribes from all over the country.

How can a democratic country continue to do ethnic cleansing by prioritizing pipes over the people they stole the land from? We all need to marinate upon this and those peaceful protestors are being threatened and manhandled by authorities. It looks like that people who do not have lobbyist in that country’s system don’t even have basic human rights. This is beyond the very threshold of common decency towards human life. The great Uncle Sam is out to bully again with people fighting with sticks and peaceful protest.

The US Army Corps of Engineers conducted a limited review of the route of the pipeline. Due to their lack of empathy found ‘no significant impact’ and allowed to cross it through a thousand year old ancient site. The Standing Rock Siox Tribe filed a law suit against Corps of Engineers, accusing the agency of violating the National Historic Preservation Act.

While the protests have drawn international attention American News Agencies have been suppressing the news. Instances of  Facebook also trying to suppress the News surfaced in international community. Ever since the beginning of the European Colonization of America they have been removing Native Americans from the lands which is utmost important to them for religious or historic purposes.

Protestors greeted by a Golden Eagle surfaced in Social Media all over the world. Showing how they still are close to the nature and one with it. Standing Rock Access Pipeline Protests turned into a mess when authorities of that state took violent measures against the tribes. Many women, children and old people were also injured some of them succumb to the violence forever.