Strange behaviours from animals and insects during Solar Eclipse

During the latest solar eclipse which was visible in USA. The citizens scientific forum came to ask one of the major question. You will see how this question is so fascinating to science. Are the animals and insects innately aware of solar eclipse and its effects?

It is noticed that during solar-eclipse, the birds fall silent. Bees return to their hive, in fact many activities does by the animal kingdom seizes. When the moon completely blocks the sun that moment is known as totality. During the totality even the plants begin to reverse their photosynthesis. Perhaps the earliest record came from a total eclipse in 1544 when “birds ceased singing.” Another in 1560 said “birds fell to the ground.” In the past century or so, scientists have tried to approach the question systematically.

The Boston Society of Natural History collected observations during a 1932 eclipse that crossed parts of Maine. They studied behaviour of animals during the time of the Eclipse and recorded. The study was published in the name “the first comprehensive and scientifically conducted study of the behavior of animal life during a total eclipse.” Crickets chirped and frogs croaked, study volunteers reported. Gnats and mosquitoes swarmed (“our stockings attested to the bites, for they drew blood and never let up”). Bees returned to hives and chickens to roost.

There were evidences that spiders take down their web. Chimpanzees seize all their work and even the ones in captivity face the sun during this time. The real question is why animals are doing such a thing? To this there is no answer. Researchers at Boston as well as Cambridge are trying to decipher this unusual activity which is so natural to these beings.

What happened with the recent animal behaviour during solar eclipse?

The Boston research institute opened an online program which asked kids from all over USA to participate using their smart-phones. They were asked to observe the activity of their pets during the solar eclipse. This poured in thousands of entries and the researchers are studying each one of them.