Shungite a gift of mother Earth

Most of the elements present on earth reacts by nature. This is why they are always in combination with other elements. Carbon however exists in both combination and free state. It makes up 0.032 percent of the Earth’s crust and outer mantle by weight. Two most popular of its free state are Graphite and Diamond. Two other free states were found ten years ago, Zeolite and Shungite. Zeolites forms when volcanic rocks and ash reacts with the alkaline ground water. Natural mineral of Zeolites are never pure form of carbon. Whereas Shungite with a composition of 70% to 95% stands higher than any diamond. fullerenes

Shungite comes from Russia’s Karelia region near Shunga. Initially used as substitute to coal and charcoal but now it is used in high silicon-cast iron, Non stick paint coatings, filler in rubber production, catalytic, reduction-oxidation, adsorptional, bactericidal, reducing or screening off from electromagnetic and radio radiations. It is expanding into various branches of science.

Fullerenes attracts considerable attention among the science enthusiast. Professor Robert F. Curl Jr. and Professor Richard E. Smalley from Rice University USA, Professor Sir Harold W. Kroto from University of Sussex in United Kingdom received their Nobel Prize. Shungite is the only natural material to have Fullerenes. Which means that the carbon molecules present in the crystal are hollow spheres. A combination in which one carbon adjoins with other carbon molecule with three or more nodes. No one really knows how it forms the origin is continuously under debates. Some think that the stone was formed 2 billion years ago other says that it comes from out of space. Fullerenes provides carbon anti-oxidant properties.

Shungite reduces harmful agents from water and air. It cures, rescues, purifies, heals, protects and kills anything which is harmful to human or any living being. It removes bacteria, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, fluoride and nitrates from water. Waters from the lake where the stone originates shows healing properties due to thousand years of contact. Direct contact with skin stimulates energy. It relieves from pain contributes fast healing to burns, cuts etc.

Facts about Shungite
  1. Acts as a shield against electromagnetic and radio radiations
  2. The Vibration of the molecules resonate less than Schumann Resonance of earth
  3. It purifies water by negating harmful chemicals like Chlorine and Fluorine
  4. Better Solar plates in Solar cell’s generating device
  5. Boosts immunity of the cells and water retention
  6. Due to the low vibration it creates a calm and peaceful environment

In addition to this many studies are being done presently. While the research upon this wonderful rock keeps surprising. Due to its properties it is one of the most talk about stone. Researcher’s are crawling around as a result. Seems like that this semi-precious stone has more things to mesmerize about. Most of all the benefits which are visible in all parts of science. Will probably make it more expensive than diamond in the near future. In conclusion Shungite or the formation of Fullerenes shines a light towards a miracle carbon factor. Uses of which in nano-technology never seizes to amaze.


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