10 Powerful things said by Shiva himself

How amazing it would be if Shiva would himself be talking to you? That always is somewhere in my mind, the ability to be able to talk to the God of Gods, Shiva. Since my childhood I am very much attracted towards his persona and beauty. Many things are so simple about him, however it is also not so simple.

It is easier for us to find what Krishna said, but when it comes to Shiva it becomes very difficult. So for this only I sat down and read whole of the Shiv Purana and took out some excerpts said by Shiva himself, enjoy and learn in his amicable bliss.


  1. No matter what happens my friend, do not tolerate any evil. For love grows with attention but evil grows in ignorance.
  2. Everything even a single sand of grain is the part of the whole universe. Therefore the whole universe can be reflected upon a single grain of sand.
  3. When your soul is perfectly seated in your body, the dance begins automatically, and when you dance you do not dance alone.
  4. So what if he is a demon, he is equally my son as you are Deva. I have created everything and so everything is my responsibility.
  5. You have to learn to be graceful when negativity arises. In this way you can allow it to take its form and disappear.
  6. Nothing can hurt you O! son for I am the one who have also defeated death and time.
  7. I made a mistake and what a mistake I made. I slaughtered my own son. It is time for me to make it better for the man who hurts his wife and child is the lowest of all organism.
  8. Pride is not my path, my path is to sit here and meditate upon the whole universe.
  9. Everything is temporary and therefore there is no need for attachment
  10. It is not that I make parvati a Goddess, it is she who makes me a GOD



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