Is there a scientific proof of Kundalini?

The Philosphy of Kundalini

The idea of Kundalini energy comes from Vedas and Hinduism. It is believed that a human body has seven key points where the coiling male and female energy,  intertwines into seven key points. According to the Vedas a human body does not work to its hundred percent potential until the Kundalini energy within is not activated. The two most prominent ways to be able to access it is through Yoga and Meditation. There is a research team in Harvard working on exactly same question. So far the only conclusion they have published is that both Yoga and Meditation wards off stress and disease.

Biological affects of Kundalini

“There is a true biological effect. The kind of things that happen when you meditate do have effects through out the body, not just the brain.” The Director of one of Harvard’s Schools teaching Hospital quoted.

Kundalini lit. means Coiling like a snake. Think of it as two snake like potential energy coiling within each other from your head to the base of your spine. Until awaken it is asleep and hides true potential, while through discipline and practice one awakens it.



Psychological affects of Kundalini

Psychology describes Kundalini as rich source of enhancing brain power to the level where one can tap into the infinite energy in our unconscious. A Scientific Study recorded among 600 people of Kundalini awakening was done in 2011 by an Indian firm near Bangalore India and found changes in following manner.

  1. Neurological changes in the brain
  2. Boost to immune system
  3. Uplifted psychological condition
  4. Cellular retention and hydration
  5. Higher mental clarity

While modern Science and diagnostic technique are able to quantify the changes. It fails to understand the underlying principle of it. “We have to understand that no body has seen ‘thoughts’, does not mean its not there. It is the individual experience which counts.” quotes a Yogi in India.

“So far the effects of Kundalini has shown biological and psychological changes one who has it activated can feel it. That is the personal or individual experience that everyone should experience.” says Indian TV anchor.


Science has only begun to understand the phenomenon which is in every individual but it agrees to it. Scientists have for years wondered why humans do not use a hundred percent of our brain. The ten percent of brain is always focused on “Having” while a fully awakened brain concentrates on “Being”. The basis of all enlightened person who have ever walked on this planet through meditation came to the state of ‘giving’ selflessely.


Footnotes: Aspects of an awakened human being