Resurging Hinduism and why it is important in the modern times?

Modern Hinduism is based on many factors which affect its current direction. Today it is mostly represented as a religion and advertised in the same way. The issue here is that Hinduism is not a religion. It is remains of one of the most ancient civilizations which predates every other and still exists. The science and archaeology boast of a rich education system and understanding of very intricate mathematics. These were the people who had drainage system which used gravity and was impossible to choke. We need to re-discover our past in order to continue towards a brighter future. Resurging Hinduism is not only something some people are doing but in fact, it is the duty of everyone.

Hindu word is not Hindi or Sanskrit

This Arabic term for modern India began even before the silk route was founded. People who reside across the river Indu turned into Hindu. Neither Rama, nor Krishna ever used the word Hindu. The Vedas and the Puranas have not an aorta of a word which describes itself as ‘religion’. This ancient civilization built towering gateways and amazing gardens. Which was so rich in culture that nothing in modern times will compare with it. How did we start to call ourselves with the words outsiders used to do?

Ancient India was crushed during Mughal rule

Many of the temples were turned into mosques. Many of ancient Hindu buildings are now known as Mughal made. The reason behind it is the people who have been writing that part of the history don’t want us to have it. It is simply because the heritage of the country had to be destroyed in order to rule this country. Our history books lie when it says that Mughals erected huge monuments. Mughals were the poor tribe and people even in that region hate the term Mughals. So why India chooses to keep it on the crown and show everyone? This you have to ask.

When the harassment and molestation of Hindu population were not enough, when looting raping and killing was not enough they began to burn temples and burn books. History teaches us that Mughals were illiterate and hardly knew anything about anything other than war and loot. The conversion of ancient Indian people began a revolution which tried to turn Hinduism into a religion by Mughals. If all you know is a hammer everything begins to look like a nail. This is what was going on with the Mughals. In order to have a response, a new religion was created.

Britishers changed history and kept it mostly favourable to Mughals

Britishers understood as┬áLord Mac Caulay said in his speech in British Parliament. “In order to break India first, we need to break its backbone which is its heritage.” This was the reason Britishers thought going with the Mughals plan of keeping the buildings away from its ancient owners was a perfect. They began to infiltrate Hindu priests and began to make silly rituals and stuff to make it look superstitious. Not only did they allowed to keep ancient Indian and Modern Indian separate they also introduce the British education system which made millions of Indians look at themselves as an outsider.

For 60 years India was being ruled by pigs and scums

This one family which took the last name from one of the most revered people in the history of the world. Also continued in the same fashion as would Mughals or Britishers. Not only they put the country on the brink of disasters they also began to corner the majority Hindu population through their policies and agendas.

There is no such thing as Minority voters in India

This is a big illusion which Indian Media has created that there is some minority clubbing in voting. The voters are always majority but the problem is that the Politicians before were not trying to woo them for the vote. They themselves are the same minority and therefore, their lie and deception just by taking someone’s name and adding to their last name cannot stop the truth from coming out in public.

Your love for Hinduism is only helping the enemy

The ideas and things which you now know about Hinduism have all been manipulated from many thousand years. Please understand you have to read Albert Pike’s letter to come to any conclusion for yourself. Your enemy is not some religious fanatics. Your enemy is people who are paying these crazy people. Understand this on this planet as a social animal, there are always men who are good and bad. Only an idiot would label someone with something related to religion, caste and colour and make judgements according to it. But if we keep putting these bad people in limelight and allowing them to destroy our society then we will have to make a stand.

Resurging Hinduism is about individual revival

You have to understand, ancients Indians were a more advanced civilization than what we have now on any continent. This has been lost because it has been taken away from you before you were born. Ancient Hindu’s are people who are to be respected and loved for how much they build and advance the society. The time is now to break them all and turn into a rapid transition. You have to break into your own individuality and follow your path this is what Krishna says. Instead of following any religion I would rather follow Krishna. Your being Hindu doesn’t mean doing rituals or donating in temples. It means that you are ready to be lifted higher with the knowledge and create an amicable society equally for men, women, children and others. Wake up!