What is Psychic vampirism and how to deal with it ?

Psychic attacks are of many types of which Psychic Vampirism has become more prominent in our living world. Remember the times when there were movies which boasts of blood sucking nocturnal post human beings? This has nothing to do with it, however the term Vampirism comes from the same habit. In this case however it is not the blood which the hosts provides. It is the positive energy. They do it either empathetically by draining one’s auric field or metaphorically by taking emotionally and giving nothing back. Psychic Vampires spread all around the world and have tendencies which they feel it seems to help their situation.

Psychic Vampirism in detail

Everyone has been a psychic vampire at-least once in their life unknowingly. Everyone has been a host to psychic vampirism. The problem occurs with the chronic ones who are generally not aware that they are feeding on someone else’s energy. People who are in fair and balanced relationship have a healthy energy exchange. Psychic Vampires are of many kinds but the most common traits is in their presence people generally feel tired. The energy is withdrawn and people can age fast as well as develop unhealthy sexual relations. Long term association with a psychic vampire drains almost all life force. People can often fall sick and their immune could drop. Psychic vampirism is alive and flourishing on the world even though scientific community disregards it. They have to understand that human energy has yet to be detected by them. The presence of ‘Chi’ or ‘Prana’ can be felt by a high self conscious person. Mostly people remain ignorant because they are not in tune with their ‘chi’ or ‘Prana’. Even though tiredness and other traits are still visible.

Psychic Vampirism in the lab

The trouble with the study of energies is that no scientific equipment has yet been able to detect human energy. Due to this the researchers have been facing trouble pointing out the exact scientific notion. This however does not stop independent researchers. The Aura around a living being is a measurable electromagnetic wave composed from microwave to Infrared spectrum. The Aura consists of a 2 feet oval shaped surrounding which is detectable through various devices. Under the influence of a Psychic Vampire the Aura diminishes depending on type of exchange which happens. Highest is the sexual relation where the immunity and age degrades in the host abruptly. You can find more about Auras here.

Traits of a Psychic Vampire

  1. A Psychic vampire is not able to understand or decode his/her own emotions. Therefore, they are the ones who are empty inside. They avoid being alone and the only reason they are around people is to dump their own negativity.
  2. A Psychic vampire has an unhealthy sexual behaviour, having sex with them often leads to sudden energy drop. The host becomes addicted to the sexual behaviour and can temporarily or even permanently carry their energy.
  3. Habit of twisting and manipulating words, psychic vampires are an expert on being able to use emotional people and dominate them through their feelings.
  4. They are often soft speaking people in the public and are perfect in keeping their secrets. Unable to be faithful they use strong actions to make the other person permanently depend on them.
  5. Alcoholism is a major sign of this, due to lack of expression they are mostly muffled with it. The only way they can come or show their true nature.
  6. These people are narcissist and believe that they are better than the others due to their material powers. Manipulated by them you begin to become addicted to their presence.
  7. Relationship for them is either a way of sexual gratification or a stepping stone to climb up in their life. They often get a woman so that they can feel good about themselves.

Signs that you are near a Psychic Vampire

  1. Suddenly you begin to feel older or even look older
  2. Strange dreams and paranoia
  3. Pain in either of chakras mostly a heaviness near the navel in stomach
  4. Even knowing that you are being abused you still want this person
  5. This person will want you to believe that he/she is your soulmate
  6. Loss of memory and continued missing information in life
  7. Phantom feelings like having cold hands, sudden feeling of being watched or touched
  8. All sorts of fear comes out and becomes magnified strange incident follows around you and people you care
  9. Life threatening events can also happen
  10. Mental and emotional pain and struggles with paranoia and confusion

Dealing with a Psychic Vampire

Dealing with a Psychich Vampire comes more with awareness and self healing. There is no magical practise to avoid this rampant sickness which mostly befalls in relgious/spritual business minded. The reason for the psychic vampire’s presence is they are lower than a normal human energy. Each of us has power within us to heal ourselves.

  1. Your addiction  for this person will stop you from having any healthy relationship. You have to allow yourself to create self love.
  2. Empower yourself in your aims or goals which you were thrown off due to this relation.
  3. Visualise Ultra-violet light around you during meditation.
  4. If you do Yoga or meditation this will be halted during the relation with the person, you have to continue.
  5. Do not be afraid or let them overpower you through any means. You are protected beyond what you feel.
  6. Make it your daily routine to drink lot of water and take that vacation alone.
  7. Do not jump from relationship to relationship allow yourself to heal from inside.