Privacy Policy

The website is  news based and therefore does not require information of people coming to our site. We do not ask for name, email or any other type of information from any user. However if you are clicking on link which is taking you on some other site, then we are not liable or authorized.

However if you have subscribe to the newsfeed and have authorized it via email you will receive articles on authorized email. We will not send you any advertisement or use/share/disclose your email to any entity. We think email is a very personal way of interacting online and it should remain so.

If you have commented and have in some ways participated on the website and no longer wish to keep that information, please use the contact form.


This website keeps the sanctity and rules and regulations of copyright of international laws.

The Logo of the website consists of BEYNO FREE typeface Font designed by Fabian Korn of Schaffhausen, Switzerland. FREE for personal and commercial use!

The symbol used next to the Logo is a symbol of Cho Ku Rei which means “Place the power of the universe here” used for healing in the heart of Reiki. It symbolizes harmony in all dimensions and to instantly clean negative energies. (I just used it coz it looked cool!)

The images used in website fall into the licenses under search engine terms as labeled for use, labeled for use after modification and not filtered by license (google, bing, yahoo). Use contact form to remove your copyright content (if accidentally put on website) or to claim a back-link.

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