Presence of Yeti points that Hanuman is still alive

No matter the amount of evidences be there, some people will remain aloof from the real nature of the world we live. To be able to see for yourself and the ability to contain evidences helps see truth closer. Scientific studies and research limit themselves to the laws previously defined. Therefore coming to a hard fact and ability to stumble upon something new enigmatic as this is near to impossible. This is where ‘Hanuman’ becomes incomprehensible for them.

West only discovered now but the legends of Big Foot has been around from centuries. The area surrounding Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet border discribe this creature as higher than 8 feet. Monkey like face and body, while having extraordinary strength. Meh-Teh, Yeti, Abomonibale man, Himmanav etc are some of the name. Evidences of this creature being on other continents as well added “Big Foot” due to the big foot prints found.

Doesn’t matter what you call it, the truth of the fact is that it exists. A highly known researcher once said, “All scientific studies lead to what we already know.” The scientific community has regarded this phenemenon as ‘Legend or myth’ due to the lack of evidence. However we believe in keeping the evidence in the open and let people form their own opinion.

Hanuman in Hinduism

Hanuman is a Hindu diety born to a human female with the blessing of the ‘Air Diety’. The life of Hanuman is one of the most prominent and filled with extraordinary powers. Even as a kid Hanuman had ability and showed signs of Ashta-Siddhi or the eight powers during the course of his teenage he had become trouble even to the biggest of the Yogis. Due to a curse he forgot his Siddhis only to be revived upon the appeareance of a Guru. Rama initiated Hanuman helping him through meditation and mind stillness. He was the most fierce enemy of Ravana the opposing human king, it is said that Hanuman was capable of ending the war in one day while also destroying entire Lanka. Due to his practise and Guru Bhakti (Teacher-Love) he chose to live his life. One of the only dieties who has received immortality, his presence on the planet still remains according to the scriptures.

Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet

In 1921 Colonel Charles Howard-Bury while taking his expedition to Mount Everest came across huge foot-prints near Lakhpa-La at 21,000 feet (6,400 meteres), the local Sherpa discribed it as the foot prints of theĀ metoh-kangmi (man bear). The colonel recorded the foot-prints and later re-told the story to the writer who was writing a book upon the expedition.

Lepcha People natives to Assamese, Nepalis, Bhutanese border worship this diety as “Glacier being” as god of the hunt. The creature is depicted with carrying a large stone like weapon and is known to make whistling-swoosh sounds. A dozen of other witness accounts happened during the end of 21st centuary. This included scholars, scientific communities and military or government assigned reputable officers.

Tombazi’s recount with Yeti

A.R. Tombazi made an early sighting in Sikkim during his expeditions during 1925. He saw a hairy man who looked like a yogi or an ascetic pulling some flowers of rhodendron. He followed the creature for ten seconds, but the creature dissappeared before he could take a photograph. Tombazi ran towards the place only to find Foot prints which will be 6-7 inches longer than any human foot prints.

Rescue of captain D’Avergue

In 1938 Captain D’ Avergue went snow-blind during his expedition alone in Himalayas. He was rescued by a hairy creature which brought him out of the snow and took care of his health. After he fully recovered the creature dissappeared into the forest. The Yeti, fed and cared and showed really strong protective affinity.


Whether it is Hanuman or not, there has been speculations in scientific community that these creatures can be offpring of some similiar diety. Even though no body has seen this creature along with any other creature. It has always been sighted alone. The ability to fly and cover large distance is one of Hanuman’a attribute which people have not recognize yet is visible in Yeti as well.