Pakistani boy arrested for writing “Hindustan Zindabad” on his wall

In a very interesting events taking place in Pakistan a man was arrested for showing his love for Bollywood. An ardent follower of Salman Khan, Sajid Shah was arrested and charged for treason. The man wrote “Hindustan Zindabad” – “Long live India” on a wall in order to show his love. However Pakistan is not a country where you have full rights to be able to express your thoughts. Pakistan has a history of stiffining rights of speech.

The mother of the arrested shows his picture in which he poses like Salman Khan. To some this incident may sound of innoscence and fan love but Sajid is looking forward to seven years of imprisonment. He admitted to the crime to the police saying that “He was not aware that it was illegal to write anything like that.” Later he changed his statement in court but it was already too late.

“The powerful people in Pakistan do not want this man to be running free after what he did, they want to make a lesson of him.” said an official without any further communication and refusing to give out his name. “Where he is going, he will not be able to watch any bollywood movies.” he further added before hanging the phone.