This is how Obama learned how to cook Daal

Obama was at his best when he was interviewed at the latest Hindustan Times Summit in New Delhi. While Trump has been overpowering all the news. Obama made some sharp remarks about his experience with Indian food. In an interview with Indian journalist Karan Thapar. It was obvious that silly questions will fly around the room. Obama, however, replied to most of the questions but he sure turned it into fun. When asked what he thinks about Indian food. He remarked that when a waiter began to explain to him. He intervened and said that he already knows how to make Daal. In fact, Obama learned to cook in his early years.

“I have my own recipe for Daal.” Which he learned through an Indian roommate which he had during his College years. “However, Chapati is a difficult task,” he explained. The summit happened in New Delhi on December 1 and Ex-US president was a chief guest in it.

Obama began to have problems with his health insurance plan which he launched during his campaign. The plan has failed and people have begun to rise against this policy. In the midst of many political decisions pending, it was good for him to attend an event which appeals to him internationally.

Obama is known for his witty remarks and saying things which he understands is “loving and appealing to the masses.” He studied in Africa where he also came to know about few Indians and a little about India. Obama learned many things during his lifetime and this is a good thing. When things become dicey about his birth certificate back-home. He faced some tight situations. He has been termed as ‘Anti-Christ’ and ‘Anti-national’ back home.

Perhaps in his visit, Obama learned that it takes much more to impress the people in India than just by cooking Daal.