Nobody is talking about India’s upcoming water problem

Do you wonder how seasons have changed so much past couple of years? Do you remember the problem which happens with electricity and water in the height of this rough weather? It is imminent that India has been a hot spot for world political news. Recent times has seen India charting its course in successfuly implementing diplomatic efforts across. It is still to be anticipated as if to what the government has done to stop this epedemic which occurs every year in the capitol to stop. Will it still see the blame game while most of the population will be pushed into darkness, and water-shortage?

It will be wonderous to see which side the paid-media will take in this every year problem. It is imminent that if India has to lead its way out of third-world country. It would require a thorough revision of its hydraulic and water systems. 1,200 kms of canal system is required in order to supply water to different part of the country.

India’s upcoming water problem will be major factor in deciding the election in the year 2019. Till then the open independent media is sitting down waiting for this time-bomb to tick in the midst of heat waves.