The mysterious life of Delhi Cops

Delhi is fast developing towards its way to an Asian Megacity giant. However, recent times have seen increase of crime rate. There are almost 1,00,000 Delhi Cops maintening law and order, which is not even 1% of the population. “I want to be an officer which people can trust.” says 23 year old female officer who has just joined Delhi police. In order to appeal to the growing technological crime happening, Delhi police is going through a major reform in it’s 158 years of history. Voilent crime against women increased 20% in 2015 and 26% in 2017, while there are only 10% women officer in the force. To balance out the growing demand thousands of women are being recruited as officers and been alloted higher ranks.

Most of these women offcers come from small villages. They are already a star in their locality and gain a lot of reputation. The health and mental wellness program are invisible for these Cops who work sometimes 24 hours a day and have cruel shifts. Most of them have even put a bed in the office otherwise lack of sleep may make them ill. There is no health checkup and to be honest their life is not valued as human beings. Their phones are buzzing every three minutes and they have to be on the duty. On an average they take as much as 400 calls a day which is enough to make any healthy person go into long radiation effects from the cellphones. “It’s not that someone is calling to give me a god news. It’s always a bad news.” Says a Cop who is being diagnosed with Brain Cancer due to excessive use of cellphones. “You cannot expect to not pick up the phone even if it comes 2 Am in the night half an hour after ending your shift.”

“It’s not also that no matter how much we do, we are only seen as corrupt or authoratarian. Often there are people who are thankful, I’d say once a year. But mostly they do not care.” says a retired Top Delhi Cop. “I joined the force to help the people, but there are days I realize that it is the public which wants to kill me.” The officer incharge with illegal demolition speaks.

Delhi Cops are the line between order and chaos and they take all the fire from both the sides. Their life is worstening as the crime rate of the city increases. People have to understand that even police are human beings with emotions and not a robot. “People should understand that just by wearing a uniform one does not become police. When we take out our uniform we are also one of them. We are policeman but before that we are human being.” Says Officer Mukesh whose 3 generations has been in Delhi Police.