Most important Binaural Beat frequencies

Binaural beats are one of the most quickest way for attaining a state thereby allowing your mind to resonate with an outside stimulus such as sound frequencies. You can read more of it here. In this article we are going to discuss about Binaural Beat frequencies which are essential and important for healthy living. Do not use any of these frequencies over 20 minutes without any consultation.


10 Hz to 40 Hz (Gamma waves)

Brain alignment

Promotes alignment with the mind, listening and eye-sight helps being more in tune with your intuition and helps give higher perspective. It also helps promote memory keeping ability of mind. Also known to release serotonin hormone known to enhance mood.


6 Hz (Gamma waves)

Relaxation and pain relief

Removes exertion and relaxes nervous system. It may produce bodyless feeling and awakened dream state. This frequency helps release endogenous opiates. Feeling of happiness and freedom has also been seen in some situations.


40 Hz to 70 Hz (Beta waves)


While tapping into your creative force this frequency promotes agility and focus at the same time. It helps in keeping mental energy preserved and the output can increase. It fires the neurones help keeping you rooted in the present.


8 hz to 12 Hz (Alpha waves)

Clear thoughts

Helps induce relaxed state of mine thereby keeping the thought process in a straight line. This frequency helps clear negative thoughts and suicide tendencies.