Mainstream Media is campaigning against Fake News

Mainstream media is campaigning against the fake news sweeping across the internet. Some of the genuine journalist are questioning the same mainstream media. CNN went as far as claiming that news about “Trump being endorsed by the Pope”, “Clinton linked to crimes committed along Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner”etc came from some teenager in Macedonia.

When a country’s 90% of media is controlled by only six giants (General Electrics, News Corporation, Walt Disney, Viacom, CBS and Time Warner) how can bunch of teens get ‘Trump’ elected? This is not the first time when mainstream media has come up with the most idiotic explanation about something.

They are just mad because when 100% of media was clearly against Donald Trump and still he became the victor. Statements like, “Trump is heading towards historic defeat”, “Trump is racist and misogynist” and “He is going to embarrass himself” filled their news hours. There was no post election narrative due to their embarrassment. In fact RT news did post election review on his policies over handling of Press and dissatisfaction about corruption of mainstream media.

Mainstream media of USA intentionally tried to change the perception about Hillary during elections. They even interviewed Hillary’s fan cameraman showing as a potential voter. Fox news implanted a fake CIA operative Wayne Simmons as an expert in one of their debate.

American Mainstream Media has been misleading and misinforming public from a very long time. Their intention has always been towards propagating wars and creating negative public image of leaders of other countries. They lied about WMDs and successfully propagated wars in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. They called implanted terrorists as ‘Moderate Rebels’. Their practices are very dangerous to the world and to themselves.

People who are hired to tell the lies are themselves more of actors than journalists.

Will Mainstream Media change their ways?

This is the most important question which we will be keeping a close eye on after President Elect Trump will take his position in the White House.