Little known facts: how Lobbying is destroying world politics

“What does a tax-avoiding, polluting, privatising corporation have to do to get its way with the British government? “We all know how it works,” said David Cameron of lobbying. But do we? Lobbyists are the paid persuaders whose job it is to influence the decisions of government. Typically, they operate behind closed doors, through quiet negotiation with politicians. And the influence they enjoy is constructed very consciously, using a whole array of tactics.” – The Guardian

Lobbyist operate under shadows in order to retain influence. The more invisible they remain the more powerful they become. The chief tactic used by a lobbyist is to steer away the focus from those they can’t win over towards more weaker targets. Oil companies have lobbyist who steer away the focus from environmental issues. They try to put hypothesis and turn it into a rhetorical debate through the use of mainstream media and politicians. Oil business being the highest profitable business and the only one which talks in trillions. Has more dangerous tactics to keep itself going through rhetorical leaks like “Climate Gate”. While the ocean is rising, Poles are melting and deserts are increasing. People begin to debate upon silly questions such as “Global Warming is not real.” etc.

The problem isn’t only this much but it goes beyond. Lobbyist from all over the world are now in process of influencing politics of other countries. Hillary Clinton is a classic example who with the help of her Lobbyist Huma Abedin influenced American laws to benefit Saudi Arabia. The 30,000 emails leaked by wikileaks tells a story about how, she is not only responsible of being under influence of lobbyist against Libya. In fact substantial proofs have been given in those email where she directly provided weapons to ISIS making it stronger. Remember when USA accidentally dropped billions worth of weapons to ISIS?

Hillary Clinton runs a big under shadow empire which consists of main stream news agency as the chief misinformation center. It is to be noted how much mainstream news and celebrities were interested in getting Hillary elected. Due to their personnel interests they even went on saying as they will shift to “Canada” if Trump is elected. We all know how celebrities never stand up for what they say. It is dangerous to have such people in a country because if they can threaten to leave the only country they live in because of a bad president. They will leave the country for any first problem which occurs.

Pakistan and Indian opposition have come together aligned for one purpose only. Lobbying against Modi and to put his image as an extremist. Narendra Modi who used to sell tea became Prime Minister of India and people who have remained in power for 60 years are thrown out. Pakistani lobbying was working with Indian National Congress to influence some part of its Agenda. Even though INC never worked for their policies and kept pushing them back. They actually never worked against Pakistan, even with Pakistan’s history of violating cease fires and terrorism. Modi has come of as a threat due to many policies which are helping the common people of India. Chief being demonetization of the currency which INC’s trillion rupees scam money turned into paper. Pakistan is also responsible for sending counterfeit money to help “Jihad” in Kashmir. While people wonder how anti-terrorists operations always turns into a Human Rights issue.

Lobbying has become a tool of misinformation and to influence the political will. It turns the politicians into prostitutes who are pimped through their interns or agents. They dance in the tune of people who throw money towards them. Lobbying should be banned or should be kept in public transparency. Our Politicians should wear a badge showing the companies and countries they speak for, just like how sportsman get brands on their shirts for showing their sponsors.