Remembering the Kedarnath Disaster (Not Suitable for all)

(This article and videos can be disturbing please do not go ahead if you are sensitive)


There has been a record of disaster and floods in the region every 100 to 200 years. This time however the government of India has made appropriate arrangements. Remembering what happened in the year 2013 is also important. The water torn the valleys and engulfed almost the entire region. Thousands die and hundreds were never found. Long forgotten now unmistaken1 decides to give a tribute to all those who are lost. To their families who suffered the loss of their loved ones.

What happened in Kedarnath?

The government of India best suppress the information. Various flagships Newspapers and Media houses did their best to divert people’s attention from what has happened. The then Government of India blamed earthquake which is nowhere recorded anywhere other than the documents which was presented. The flood began when the upper glaciers abruptly began to melt. That happened without any noticeable Climate Change or temperature fluctuation. Obviously it was man-made trouble in the region which escalated beyond ┬áthe estimate. Authorities then decided to malfunction in the information region. Therefore there was not enough proofs for the actual reason. Which obviously was due to illegal mining and explosions done in the region.


Lives were lost

Over 20,000 people are lost and never to be found and over 1,00,000 people were effected. Bodies were found even after 3 years of the disaster in this region.



The region changed completely



It was very scary