The Mysteries of Kailash Mountain which cannot be explained

Seems like the Kailash Mountain is the most mysterious mountain. Is it really a mountain? This is one of the question that experts have been asking. The 53 Km periphery of the mountain is isolated from all the others and resemble that of a step-Pyramid. Hindus believe it to be the abode of Lord Shiva and Tibetan regards it as a sacred mountain. It is the center of the Bon religion which was Tibetan religion before Buddhism.

Kailash Mountain is a pyramid

First of all the design of mountain doesn’t look anything like a mountain. Probably due to its magnificent size it has been mistaken. The architecture of the pyramid has four distinct corners. The central arch shows sign of steps and a huge central beam with two pillars. The south side is perfectly aligned with the south pole and the north aligns with Kailash mountain. The height of the pyramid is around 6714 meters.


It is shaped in the form of a Shiva-lingam

The Nandi Parvat (Nandi Mountain) together along with the Kailash mountain resembles Shiva Lingam. This makes it almost impossible to grasp as a natural formed phenomenon. This is not the only proof of its artificial nature.


No one has ever been able to climb Mount Kailash

Even though it is prohibited due to the conflict between Tibet and China. Attempts have been made earlier by one of Tibetan Monk who returned urging ‘the residing deity does not want to be disturbed’. Several attempt made by Russian Climbers made them think it was not meant to be climbed. “We faced many strange phenomenons while trying to climb north side, we reached an impossible end. When we tried the South side, we became ill.” Said a Russian Expedition Member. Trying to climb Mount Kailash the track position always goes towards the opposite side.


It is at exactly at 6666 Kms from Stone Henge

The location of Mount Kailash is in synchronicity with all the ancient monuments. It is in synchronicity from Stone-Henge as well as Egyptian, Mayans and the Aztec Pyramids.

Rapid aging near the mountain

It has been noted by many people who were trying to climb mount Kailash. It is said that in normal conditions around the Kailash mountain people age faster. The reason behind it remains hidden but tests have been confirmed to show that people age as if 1 day is equal to several weeks. The hair and nails grow very fast.

Strange Spiritual Vibration

“I felt strange high vibrations near the mountain and I am not even a psychic. I could feel that the mountain was some kind of power source of this energy which penetrates everything.” Said the Russian Climber.