Japan is building its defence for the first time after World War 2

Japanese constitution was incapable of authorizing a military or navy forces. Abe put forth Japanese Military Legislation in 2015 to allow re-militarisation first time after the world war 2. Some Japanese resisted in the beginning worried about Japanese agression to incur. The Abe administration has ever since smoothly bein able to bring out the Budget and allocation of weapons. in 1976 Military budget of Japan was maintened to 1% of the GDP growth. After 1986 to the year 2005 the budget was 3% of the GDP. The Chinese incusrion has been threatening Japan and both forces have been in active participation along the border. Even though none of the nation can fire upon the other the air forces have been violating each other’s air-spaces (according the land claim).
The Senkaku Island dispute has been there between both the countries for quite some years now. Last year Japan scrambled warplanes inside South China sea after Chinese Coastguards and drones violeted the Japenese Space. In the face of a war American constitution has to tackle any threat which comes to Japan. Trump administration reiterated this amedement when he was going to take his position as the president of USA.

Japan has also signed a pact with India for a joint military excercise as well as building of weapons and military transportations. Abe administration have come in fire many times but his reputation for building close bond with India through the Prime Minister Modi has been applaused in Japan. The Japanese mentality is changing their fear of having an agressive force is dissipating in the eminent threat by China.