Paranormal researcher dies Mysteriously

Recent years in technology has brought us closer to this phenomenon. Devices which are capable of meddling along the frequencies which is in-perceivable to our five senses are easily available. One of the most convenient form of which is through smart phones. EMF and heat-sensitive cameras coupled together with powerful EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) Recorder is enough to trace presence. Paranormal research has become more quantifiable than ever before.

Gaurav Tiwari Founder and The President of Indian Paranormal Society may have spent a shorter span of career but amount of proof which he was able to conjure during this period is a milestone in this field. In his own way he was adamant on making world a safer place. During his scientific approach to the subject, he began to question his rationalism. He documented 6000 haunted locations through emf, photographic, EVP recording. With the degree of proofs he was attracted by mainstream media and conducted some of his research in haunted places. It was one of the most talk about news channel coverage.

Tiwari’s sudden death has left not just the family but members of the paranormal society shocked. Tiwari who was complaining her wife about sudden negativity around him went to bathroom. Around 11 AM a loud thud was heard and the family rushed to found him unconscious on his bathroom floor after breaking the door. He was rushed to hospital but did not survive. After the postmortem cops found a black line around his neck and declared the cause to be asphyxia. The house and his mobile phone were searched for clues but nothing substantial has so far surfaced. However the full autopsy report is still pending. He was 32 years old and we wish love and peace to his wonderful soul.



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