What China wants by provoking India at Sikkim border?

The conflict between India and China is in Chumbi Valley falling between India, Bhutan and China. Doklam Plateau is a part of this Chumbi Valley where there has been a stand-off between Chinese and Indian Military. Just 10-12 Kms is the Chinese town Yadong. A town fully connected with an all weathered road. The Doklam Plateu is just 15 Kms away from well known Nathu-La-Pass of India. Earlier this month the Chinese road worker attempted to construct a road to Doklam Plateu. Where they were confronted by the Indian Army Soldiers. Bhutanese government has also objected to Chinese road which is very close to their Military facility. This is quickly turning into an India China war situation.

It seems that the border conflict will escalate to war because either side is refusing to step down. Through this region it is China’s attempt to cut off the whole North East Side of India. We have discussed in detail before the Chinese Strategy of claiming other’s land.

Chinese incursion
War Map of India and China


Right now more than three thousand troops are facing each other, waiting for the bell to go green for the war. This is one of the longest stand-off before this these two armies has faced each other for 21 days. The situation however is worst this time.

Indian Army earlier constructed a bunker in Doklam Pass (Plateu) which was destroyed by Chinese Republican Army. There was a conflict between the two armies through pushing each other to the edge. “China is trying its best to use historical lessons to reason with India and show sincerity in peacefully solving the problem, but if India refuses to listen, then China would have no other choice than to use a military way of solving the problem,” Hu Zhiyong, a research fellow at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, told the state-run Global Times.

“(Chinese) Experts also scoffed at India’s military threat after Indian Defence Minister Arun Jaitely asserted on Friday that the India of 2017 is different from what it was in 1962,” the report in state-run Global Times stated. Global Times is known for its nationalist stance.

Since the US elections, Trump has been asserting that he see’s India as the only country to contain Chinese agression in the region. This has broken the Chinese authorities and they are ever since trying to boost up their moral by trying to distort Indian Maps and pushing their ‘Claim other’s Land policy’.

Our experts says that China feels threatened by India as the country has been making excellent economic profit while other countries specially China is suffering. The Indian Army is ready to take action and to claim the land through war while Chinese side is planning a strategy.