This is why in India China scenario China will loose

It has been over two months since India-China military standoff have been inconclusive. As the world watches two most ancient civilisation come face to face with each other. We decide to go deep into the nature of the problem. If you have been following us, you would automatically know that we are not a fan of Chinese Communist Party. Even though we are not a fan of any party in the whole world and the political system. That being said in a Democratic system there is still a lot of transparency and we believe that a Democratic system which follows human laws and keeps human rights is a just system. Chinese system however is based more on the monkey world. This is why India China issue has come to such a stand-still.

A country’s power is not measured only by the amount of people in their military or the size of it’s arsenal. History is full of many such example where other factors have been more decisive. China’s behaviour has been recorded world over on this issue like a teenage girl going on a rampage. China has given every possible threat to India and failed to receive any response. The Dragon has a bad breathe problem and we are going to look into the symptoms.

Chinese economy is fake

Both India and China started growing their market together. Even though India lagged all the way, Chinese economy grows so much that it begins to compete that of the Americans. Chinese economy surpasses all expectations too fast to be true. Does what China projects itself to be? Is it really true? During the great famine in China finally in December of 1978 Communist party decides to become a world hub of manufacturing. In order to save their loved ones from death the poor farmers began to work in these giant iron factories as slaves. This is when they began to utilise people expiring from hunger and converted them into cheap labours.  This is when China opens up for the privatisation of the companies. Even though the infrastructure was there still even the biggest of the companies were unable to handle large contracts. This is when Chinese Government decided to state-own them and allowed them to take huge loans. This is when it all turned backwards, the companies took massive loans. Instead of making profits the companies pay-off to the bank exceeded the profits. Which they owned to the Chinese Government. To cope up with the scenario Chinese companies began to flood the world market with cheap no good rip-offs. The low quality product was marketed to India, Brazil, Mexico etc.

And NOW!

China now aims to make the world’s most biggest bank by giving loans to the countries such as Venezuela, Afghanistan, Ecuador, Zimbabwe, North Korea and now Pakistan. In the name of Asian Infrastructure Bank or AIB. China and Pakistan together launched a think tank called RANDI (Research and Development International) another think-tank called PENCHO and GANDU (Geological and Disaster Unit).

In Future!

The new idea of CPEC corridor, has led experts to speculate that it will levy such heavy interests rates on Pakistan that it will lay slave to Chinese bullying for decades. As the CPEC has the power to destroy Pakistan’s cotton, agriculture and textile industry. Which are the only profitable industries in Pakistan. Venezuela’s example in this case, when failed to pay-off Chinese loans stands as a proof. Due to the low oil prices in the world they had to pay double of the oil to China. Thereby collapsing the economy and throwing millions into hunger. Because most of the supplies were directed to China.

During this time World Bank pointed that the Chinese projection of a GDP of 7.0 was way off according to their calculations which was 1.2!

Chinese ancient maps are fake

China has the world’s biggest military and uses this army to mobilise force to the weak countries around the borders. It seems China is living in an imaginary ancient world. Every now and then it throws another ancient map showing ancient territory.


Translation literal.
When poor we will keep aside disputes and cooperate,
When rich we will insist that the land belongs to us since the ancient times,
Then they are sacred and absolute. – Taken from click here

China is sleeping in make-belief that their low standard fairy-tales. Through which they have successfully found conflict with 23 neighbouring countries. Which can possibly create fatal conflict with 18 countries can continue to go on. China’s habit to find itself in dispute with other countries can turn into a full fledged world war.


Chinese have fake technologies

The greatest power China has over their people is through State controlled Media. The only news which reaches people is given by the government. Even in the field of information technology China has been able to totally lock down the country. China has copies of those Apps more like clones and says that they have it since ancient times. Any technology that the world has produce they claim to have it since the ancient times. They even had KFC and Mc Donalds since the ancient times. Not only their weapons are cheap copies their smart cities. Recently when China made 7 smart cities in just two years world was surprised and praised China. But there were no people living in these cities. The only people who live their were in the slums. Which by the way are more poor than any other country. When the world asked Chinese about the amount of educated people in China it said 96% when asked they said it is due to an ancient Chinese invention. Surprisingly 98% of Chinese cannot speak any other language than Mandarin and Cantonese. You must have begun to wonder why there has been no revolt in China? Due to the simple fact that China has made a Great Wall of China in cyberspace. Blocking the internet and allowing only those programs which are state approved.

Chinese weapons are fake

Chinese weapons are cheap copies even the Jet Fighters loose their balance in the middle of the air. Tank’s wheel falls down during the drill march. These many examples shows what is behind the bullying Xi Ping. Chinese armies are trained 70% through political theory and combat is not a necessary part of the training. 16% who do really clear are not medically as fit as the armies of any other neighbouring country. Perhaps their biggest weakness is their lack of creativity which is the result of years of doctrine feeding.