Mainstream Media’s war against Independent News

‘Fake News’ as Hillary describes in her post-election rant is the most dangerous form of media. I really accept the fact that ‘fake news’ is definitely dangerous. As the realization happens, she is not pointing towards the fake news. She is pointing towards the ‘Independent News & Alternative News Media’. When she blames fake news as the reason behind her landslide loss in the election she is actually crying upon the fact how News leaks shows the face of the person. Which they hide by paying News agencies which then in turn praises them.

When Hillary said, “In the wake of fake news and false propaganda.” she talks about not following her Propaganda. Alternative News Source and Social Media proves that the power of information actually is still with the people. Gone are the days when few News Channel would come online and lick the toes of the people they get paid by. Alternative and Independent News cannot be controlled and this is giving many corrupt people sleepless nights.

In this article I thought it would be a great idea to show how mainstream Media lies to public. Then the idea strike me to show how much truth was spilled by Independent News Sources about Hillary.

Independent News vs Mainstream News

One main thing about Mainstream Media is that it was never there to read people’s mind. In fact it is there to put things into people’s mind. The endless lies that they begin to pour in through fake polls is a proof. Every Poll shows Unmistaken1Hillary leading and winning against Trump. When did they actually did the polls? They were sitting in their corporate office and sipping on their coffees and making all this up. While Alternative and Independent News saw swarming of people on their websites. The reason behind is that mainstream media is not self reflecting upon themselves. You know how when a child lies again and again, you can just make up about it. Due to the reason that ‘reality’ shows and ‘fake’ is from there taken away. Mainstream Media is that lieing child, it is actually so convinced of its own lies that it hardly see’s for fact that people are smarter than the News anchor they hire.

This is why nobody is watching, reading mainstream anymore. Nobody believes in what these guys are spilling upon the people. In fact they themselves are not checking upon what they themselves are speaking.

This is the reason why the shares of Times stumbles and people are buying Washington Posts just to see Comic strips.


Truth that Independent News exposes about Hillary

Hillary was selling Classified Information to the enemy: Many times she calls Assagne enemy of State. She tries to show how Russia is an enemy to the people of USA. After wikileaks published 30,000 of her emails it becomes significant who the enemy of state actually is. She was helping ISIS kill American Soldiers while she is asking for vote from the people.

The puzzle of deaths and suicide around the Clintons: More than 12 plane crashes and 13 murders and their connection with Clintons. The death of Ron Brown who was rising as the leading political figure threatened Clintons about their ongoing entourage with the Chinese. Suddenly he died in plane crash followed by death of his lawyer and subsequently the Plane In-charge.