How anti-Indian sentiments ruled over Delhi riots in international Media

New Delhi now has special weather of fear and hatred and it has a special enemy- its called love for your nation. Recently what happened in Delhi was not something incited by a random act of incident, it was a well-planned war on India. The architects of which flaunt their ignorance of facts which points to them.

I refuse to believe that the catapults used to throw petrol bombs on people from the mosque was just a random act of violence. That randomly Intelligence Officer Ankit Sharma was pulled out of the crowd and was stabbed 400 times. There are so many bullshit stories to this riot that those who stand for human rights are those who should be questioned for their intention behind it.

Media houses like BBC, CNBC and other NEWs Mafias flagged India as an anti-Muslim country because of the Indian National Citizen Law, but they themselves have it in their own countries. It is not random that the Prime Minister of India is being attacked constantly based on allegations and not proofs.

The riots which perpetuated over small street quarrel turned into a full-fledged civil war between Hindus and Muslims. When media starts taking sides with Muslims what they are trying to do is blame the other section. Until this blaming of each other stops, nothing concrete can be accomplished.

The riots happened between two religious groups but the people who did that are criminals and they should be dealt under Indian Penal Court irrespective of their religion. Equal atrocities were done, first by Muslims and in retaliation by Hindus. But there were also Hindus sheltering Muslim families and Muslims sheltering Hindu families. The seed of nations pride is constantly being crushed by human bots from Bollywood and opposition which are constantly attacking India and throwing all the negativity upon it. The country cannot break because its root doesn’t lay in some religion with 10 things on what to do. Indian backbone comes from thousands of years of civilised culture still backing the traditions and morals of the majority of India.