Why was Hitler after Vimana Shastra?

Nazi party’s success was through their many attempts to attain the weapons of Devas (Higher Being). Hitler’s belief that everything written in the Vedas are real and true and that there are real higher beings with higher knowledge. Kept forcing him towards the Sanskrit texts and become obsessed with them. In his definition it was inter-dimensional beings, to the Hindus they are simply Devas. The demigods have many stories and they seem scientifically superior to our understanding of the Universe. In this article we will discuss in detail about the Hitler Shambhala connection.

Many people do not know but the real Vedas and Vimana Shastra were taken from India in early 1700 century and later also by Hitler in 19oos. This is only when people had started to report Foo Fighters early in the Second World War. Foo Fighters were early models of Vimanas in action. Allied Air Force was constantly reporting unknown flying Objects running in the sky with thousands of kilometers. Later after the Second World War USA took control of all the secret projects and continued in various facilities. Most of their operations during Cold War was in Area 51 Which later they moved elsewhere.

One of a revered and highly debunked texts are ‘Kalki Purana’. Hitler’s knowledge of Vedas got him into this book as well. He became obsessed with the city of Shambhala which the texts called as the future birth place of Kalki. Tenth and the last avataar of Vishnu one of the trinity God in Hinduism.

Mysteries of the Kingdom of Shambhala

The whole Asian continent point to one city which is inter-dimensional and hidden from the normal eyes. Shambhala is said to be the land of thousand names. It has been called the land of the wise, the land of the hidden prophecy, the land of the pure hearts etc. Where people are immune to aging, suffering and old age. The Hindus also call it as Aryavartha.

The legend of Shambhala is found in many ancient texts as old as thousands of years. Hindu texts Kalki Purana mentions the city of Shambhala as the birth place of Kalki. The Buddhist myth of Shambhala is an adaption discussed earlier in Kalachakra.

As with many concepts in the Kalchakra, the idea of Shambhala arises through three ways, the outer, inner and the alternative meanings.

The legends, teachings and healing practices associated with Shambhala are older than any of these organized religions. Shambhala may very well have been an indigenous belief system, an Alti-Himalayan shamanic tradition, absorbed into these other faiths.

The Nazi Connection with Shambhala and Tibet

Many high rankings members of the Nazi regime including Hitler but specially Himmler and Hess, held convoluted occult beliefs. Prompted by those beliefs, the Germans send official expedition to Tibet between 1938 and 1939. Tibet had suffered a long history of Chinese attempts to annex it.

While reading about Adolf Hitler and his deep-rooted occult desires, I came across several references that mentioned of his fascination with ancient theosophies; one of which was his innate association with Yoga. Hitler in his young days received an initiation into the American Indian Peyote Cult. Through which he became interested in the stories of this ancient land.

The first element of Nazi occult beliefs was in the mythic land of Hyperborea-Thule. Just as Plato had cited the Egyptian legend of the sunken island of Atlantis, Herodotus mentioned the Egyptian legend of the continent of Hyperborea in the far north. When ice destroyed this ancient land, its people migrated south. Writing in 1679, the Swedish author Olaf Rudbeck identified the Atlanteans with the Hyperboreans and located the latter at the North Pole. According to several accounts, Hyperborea split into the islands of Thule and Ultima Thule, which some people identified with Iceland and Greenland.

In The Arctic Home of the Vedas (1903), the early advocate of Indian freedom, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, added a further touch by identifying the southern migration of the Thuleans with the origin of the Aryan race. Thus, many Germans in the early twentieth century believed that they were the descendants of the Aryans who had migrated south from Hyperborea-Thule and who were destined to become the master race of supermen through the power of vril. Hitler was among them.


Hitler Shambhala connection

Hitler’s knowledge in occult science made him confident about some inter-dimensional beings and their achievement of higher technology so much. So that he decided to send an expedition into the deep Himalayas. Instead of finding anything he constantly met defeat. Thank God because we don’t know what he would have done with it.


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