Hitler was Alive and lived in Argentina

Official History doctrines that Hitler along with his wife Eva Braun committed suicide on April, 30 1945. Their corpses were burned inside Berlin bunker. Time magazine announced Hitler’s death in 1945 on their cover. But did he really die?

Stalin was the first man who announced that Hitler never died. He escaped to Argentina and lived till the age of 73. Author of the 2011 book Grey Wolf- The escape of Adolf Hitler challenged the fact. That Hitler shot himself and Eva Braun had cyanide. He argued that American intelligence let him slip away in return for Nazi war technology. Authorities were silent and claimed of this as a nut-conspiracy.




Only recently when FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation United States), admitted that they knew about the whereabouts of Hitler. Its more bizarre that his recent image emerged with a Brazilian girlfriend in 1984.

Hitler escaped his punishment and lived out his life in tranquility in Patagonia. He kept changing countries from Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. An authenticated German documents surfaced which lists Hitler as one of the passenger by plane from Austria to Barcelona on April 26, 1945.

The leader of the Third Reich spent his last years as an art dealer and had removed his signature mustache. Several Buenos Aires newspapers, in defiance of Argentine Navy spotted rubber boats and submarines in the area. In 1945, Chicago Times carried a sensational article on the Hitler’s slipping away to Argentina.


Brazilian citizens refuse to accept that the Fuhrer shot himself. He is said to have used name of Adolf Leipzig and was known to the thousands of locals as “Nosso Senhora so Mivramento” (old German”). In order to hide his Aryan supremacist attitude he found a black girlfriend. Argentina’s newspaper also claimed that Vatican offer him right-to-live through his ownership rights over buried Jesuit treasure in a cave near his adopted home. Hitler chose is surname Leipzig because it was the birthplace of his favorite composer, Bach.

Ten thousands of Nazis fled after the war, including the notorious Adolf Eichmann and Josef Mengele. Investigators probing Hitler’s demise were hampered with lack of physical evidence. Guy Walters who described the conspiracy as two thousands percent Bullshit is silent after FBI’s acceptance. It is seen as a good gesture from FBI to move in the direction of public information.

Hitler with girlfriend



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