Head in a suitcase

US citizen was found carrying a woman’s severed head while he was traveling in Japan. Police found severed part of her bodies all over the city. Her arms and torso was found near the forest, while legs near a park. The woman later identified by the Japanese media was a 27 year old woman who met the killer on Tinder.

Her friends began to look out for her since she was gone missing since 15th February. She had informed couple of friends that she was going to see an American tourist. The phone was dead and her family reported to police on 17th February. The identification of the body parts is in the process during the writing of the article.

The man Yevginy Vasilievich Bayraktar is from New York reported to have admitted to the crime. The severed head was to be dispose of later, if it was not for the quick action of the Japanese Police he would have got away with it. The crime got lot of attention in Japanese media and people are demanding for Justice. This is not the first case where dating app have become fatal. The advent of this year have seen 3 more cases which ended in brutal murder.