Why Tuesday has nothing to do with Hanuman?

Once there was a farmer who fed every morning its goat. Even though the goat died he kept bringing food for it. When asked why he is doing it, he replied, “Because everyone is doing it.” The farmer lived in a small village and people there loved to feed animals. This is the same story with our country now. The current religious practises which are going on have nothing to do with practising the knowledge of Vedas or purifying ourselves with Meditation or Yoga. Instead it consists of well performed act of liking God by doing simple things like, putting oil in trees, just bowing inside a temple and asking for things or not having meat or alcohol on Tuesdays. Hanuman or any God cannot be pleased by doing that, because the only thing God has ever taught is to help each other. Do you think if Hanuman would have met Rama only on Tuesdays to help with the war Lanka would have been conquered?

There was no Mondays and Tuesdays during Hindu times

Our education system creates one of the most brilliant minds of the century. But then there are also these people who do not ask questions. The underlying principles of time keeping was different compared to now in India. This is the reason why Diwali or Holi like any other Hindu festivals come on different dates. Hindu calendar system does not have week therefore the ritual based on Mondays and Tuesdays was taken from the Britishers. It was one way to influence order because Sundays was for the Church. Note: there are absolutely no rituals on Sunday. So what is this Shukra-Vaar and Shani-Waar? These are nothing but translation of the English Calendars. Still to these days increasing amount of people do many things based on British Calendar. Hindu Priests found it working so much that they did not hesitated to take it into temple practises. Still now Christian method of assigning a day to particular God goes on.

If your conscious don’t allow you to drink why drink at all?

If you will leave alcohol on Tuesday it will not do anything other than actually giving you a day for clarity. If you feel that drinking is irreligious then why you continue to do it on other days? Deep inside your conscious you feel guilty about drinking which comes out in the form of a day of no-drinking. If you want to be closer to God than you need to hear the voice within more often. You cannot attain anything (And people believe that it actually changes the position of stars) until you do not meditate and do Yoga in Hinduism.

The best way to please Hanuman

Remember the love and affection Hanuman had for Rama. You need the same kind of dedication towards whatever Siddhi you choose for yourself. Remember how loving he was with everyone even the most poor. True power brings humility, therefore if there is no Humility in you towards others you lack a major ritual which don’t need you to put oil anywhere. You need to put that oil on your conscious and your heart for it to be purified. Feed a poor, help someone in need. You will see that Hanuman himself will come and help you out. If your task is to do something not only for yourself or your own but for everyone whom you don’t even know. Don’t be the farmer who feeds his dead goat only because everyone else is doing the same.