GMOs are poisoning humanity

When Genetically Modified Food hit the market it was abuzz with the news and the prospect which could be brought through it. The problem has occurred because not only the air and water are polluted but also now our food. Seriously have you ever asked what is really on your dinner plate?

Have you ever wondered why every vegetable in McDonalds, Dominoes etc tastes the same? Genetically modified food have overcome our market from all the sides. But an interesting thing has happened all along. People from all around the world came out and started talking against GMOs. In fact people so much pushed up against it that even governments had to reconsider their move. But lack of food resources has kept GMOs side by side taking over the food market.

Animals refuse to eat GMOs

Animals have a keen sense of smell and taste, in fact in the wild they know how to differentiate between a good plant and a bad plant. Most of the animals use these keen sense to check the food before they eat, if they find it to be corrupt or flawed in any ways, they pass on to something else. Cows even rats refused to munch on GMOs. Organic farmer, Paul Fonder, decided to do an experiment with GMO vs Organic corn in his barn in South Dakota, America. While the organic corn was sabotaged by the rats, the GMO corn remain untouched. Possibly the rat can smell the formaldehyde which is embedded in these corns.

The burgers don’t rot

This was an experiment done by many people around the world at the same time. McDonalds burger remains unchanged even after months. You can try this for yourself, not even bacteria and insects preferred to lurk into those God forsaken Burgers. The mechanism behind remains hidden and McDonalds has come out many times showing that under special circumstances the burgers do rot. Which is definitely not enough for people like us who like to know about things which we put in our stomach.

Humans are test animals for GMOs

GMOs were developed under no precautionary circumstances. There was no pre-experiments before the product was launched. Therefore there is very less information about it. The comapnies who manufacture them says that “People have no rights to refuse according to the chemical companies’ which are fueling in our food with poisons. “You folks are a test subject for such companies and there is nothing you can do about it”.

GMO seriously harms living beings

The food which are produced by such companies are coated with toxic substances. The people who consume these food are at much higher risk than the company would ever consider as a red flag. Actually the whole thing is red, it is so red that even cows are refusing to eat it. There has been independent study which signals that GMOs could be responsible for number of factors such as insulin regulation, cell signalling, aging, dysregulation of genes, protein formation upon liver, kidney, spleen and gastrointestinal system. It leads to serious immunity dysfunction, infertility and cancer. While the government agencies are spreading the analogy that they are safe for human consumption and are motivating it.

GMO is permanently changing our food

GMO practices contaminate organic and local food systems. Such plants are modified to grow faster and require no special care, but the problem comes when they migrate or mix with the local plants. This can have serious implications according to a study as much as 50 percent of non-GMO food has been contaminated with GMO genes. World Health Organization said, “The migration of genes from GM plants into conventional crops or related species in the wild (Out-crossing), as well as mixing with the conventional seeds. may have indirect effect on food safety and food security.

GMO harms the land it is grown on

The Massive toxic pesticides are required for such a crop, which contaminates the soil. This further degrades and damages it making it unsuitable for normal organic crops. These pesticides are like drugs for the land, once the farm land becomes reliant upon such a practice it can never be returned to its normal course. In fact these pesticides contains such high nitrogen that, the nitrous oxide through it is blamed as the number one source of Nitrogen led Green-House-effect.