Understanding the Global Gold scam

Long time back there was a king whose reputation preceded his personality. He was so much socially present that people didn’t thought that he would do something wrong. There were people who came out from his own court and try to explain people of his flaws. He left the borders unguarded and people even knowing this continued their support. The people going against him were termed and labeled as lunatics. One fine day knowing of this flaw a neighbouring kingdom attacked and took over the kingdom.

This story is required to understand because when someone begins to point out the faults of bank in handling our economy people term them as lunatics. This immense trust comes out from the deep necessity of authority and control over their finances. Banks and their owners are so close to the government that you may not be able to asses that both are adamant on keeping economy down in the world.

Global Gold Scam: The amount of Gold we have is many times less than the amount of gold banks show

The financial world works on figures and stats. If you know the market you can see the trends. But what if these figures and numbers are made up? This is hard to imagine because millions of people are trading and if there was something wrong it would come out in the media.

Trouble with this is that banks are responsible for creating all this numbers and stats. If we sit down and calculate and compare it with a cricket or football stadium, we can fit all the world’s gold in it. Of course there is no single opinion about how much gold there is physically a few search online will land you to confusing numbers. If you look at the stock market and MCX market of the world. The amount of gold being sold is as big as a big city. The prices of gold keeps rising and falling pertaining to political, religious as well as financial triggers. We are buying and selling gold which does not even exist.

Global Gold Scam: The virtual Gold

Gold has always been more reliable currency than the valueless papers which we are so used to in modern times. Physical money is soon loosing its charm and we are moving globally towards cashless environment. The problem with this is that people in general do not know that even that paper-note is more real than few lines of code. Therefore, the control over your money is not yours anymore. You are moving towards world full of glitches and bugs in computer codes. Therefore by doing this we will give banks more power upon fairy-tales numbers and it can control our personal expenses as well. We will write about Cashless money soon.