Scientists should stop studying things we don’t really need to know

Take a look at any new scientific studies breaking into mainstream media. It shows how broken the field of science has become in coming years. We are in the middle of failed Science overtaking our conscious. There is too much of commotion among the scientific community about impending issues such as Global Warming and a clean energy resource. While there are scientists researching spending billions of dollars upon studies such as, ‘Pubic Hair Grooming May Raise STI Risk‘, ‘MDMA for PTSD? How Ecstasy Ingredient Works in the Brain?‘, 2 Million Pounds of Ready-to-Eat Chicken Recalled: Here’s Why It’s Risky etc.

Now you might get an idea about where we are going with it. Think about the time when science meant something. People like Nikola Tesla and many other scientists who used their ability to look in the direction of solving problems of humanity. About whom no text book across the world speaks but of course because of whom our civilization will not be possible. Too much has been lost and now the only sanity seems to be in reading between the line.

Mainstream Science is carried by people who are researching upon the previously failed science. So they find a better career opportunity in researching about why, ‘Fungal Infection Causes Swirling, ‘Maze-Like’ Rash’ than to research upon cleaning the polluted poisonous water of the rivers.

This is sad because the only scientific studies which are coming out is coming through Independent Scientists, while the only scientists who are been given full credit are of those who creates Bombs or weapons. The insignificance of what is necessary and the significance of what is not needed runs mainstream Science these days. We are fastly moving towards the reverse of our civilizations growth.

If this harm to science does not stop, we are all in big trouble just like the insect mesmerized by the light and quickly destroyed by it.