Europe is suffering and America is breaking

Many years ago I wrote an article on Hitler’s survival from his fake suicide story. Six years later FBI published online their report. This is how I learned that sometimes intuition goes far ahead than just information. Of course I had a very reliable informant but sometimes it is a tough job to rely on people you know little about. Specially when they are handing you something which is not widely accepted and mostly seen as a conspiracy. This time I did some minimal observation upon Europe and USA. You yourself decide what is true what is not.

Migrant crisis is giving a headache to Europe

This was a perfectly put plan, This article is in conjunction to my other article where I have predicted the advent of the Third World War.  The plan I curated has now begun to show its full evil plan in action. The war started in middle East has started to affect Europe in a big way. Since the Refugees who are attacked by the European army and Air Force are allowed to enter inside Europe. The problem to some is very political this is why it becomes difficult for people to discuss it. Even if one does they always blame them as if this is something racist or inhuman.The policies and transitions of the current political scenario in Europe will lead to complete destruction of the European Culture as a whole. The reason behind it is because Europe is just one Civil War away from annihilation.

Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia

We now know that Israel is openly collaborating with Saudi Arabia in military and secret police. This is mainly due to the conflict between the Shia and Sunni population. Slovenian Philosopher Slavoz Zizek calls it “The new Evil Axis of Middle East”. He thinks that this new War front and coming together of these three States against their Shia opponent is the main problem of middle East.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey are more richer currently than many European countries. But they refuse to take any refugees. Just becoming an observer and allow Europe to take over the migrants. This is an ancient idea of Trojan Horse.

Texas is moving towards ‘Texit’ from USA

After Britain opt out of the European Union, Texas wants to recede from the Washington. More than 64,000 people have signed a petition to leave USA and become a free State. It is actually legal for Texas to leave the United States and come to its own terms with policies. The Texas nationalists movement is pushing forward the Agenda and will be successful within next 4 years.

Mainly because California the sunshine state is actually having and creating huge amount of debts all over the country. Texas mainly doesn’t want a piece of that and recommends to opt out of the USA instead. To some this sounds like a fantasy but the truth is that this is more real soon.