Cracking the global election code

The election season is never over on our planet. It goes on continuously from America, to Europe to India. Democracy like other ways of government has it’s own share of problems. Most important being trying to keep up the pluralistic values. So far it has been easy, but doesn’t seem to anymore. Recent changes in addition to the world over conflict. First of all people in general have no idea about this coming epidemic. So they remain unaware of how Propaganda’s are paid to become everyone in the system’s agenda. We cannot deny the amount of violence continuously fueling through social media and movies.

Why the mass hysteria about truth?

There are no more newspaper agencies than there are Public Relations company. How does a newspaper or television earn money? Through advertisements of course, ours is the civilization which has more advertisements than arts. If a newspaper agency think for example pays money to their employees. Do full fledged outdoor and indoor reporting. A lot of money is spent in everything, therefore these pseudo reporting companies become money hungry. Interaction with political figures in continuous basis turns them power hungry as well.


Why so much hatred in these elections?

Some are blaming the Whites. Some are blaming the Blacks. Some are blaming the Muslims. No one seems to notice the role Media is playing. The news agencies have turn faces towards their candidate. You have to understand people have started to believe in the political system. By forming strong opinions. An opinionated person is not what a peaceful society needs. A peaceful society needs well informed individuals.

Recent Media gestures also approves the fact that they are making news. Instead of showing a news. This is first step where the Mainstream Media will fall down. People are beginning to trust crowdfunded online mediums more than ever. The Times group which has offices all over the world. Is turning out poor with its shares. The way they are reporting fake news. It will soon bankrupt them into foolishness. Thinking that people hear everything with same biased mind. But people are not dumb, you can only control people with same medium for 100 years.

Cracking the Election Code

Nothing is going to happen. Listen to these politicians blabber. Everything they say during elections. And everything they ignore after that. The things are going to go berserk before it really goes berserk. And us common people will again be thrown into the pit of wars. For next ten years just observe how the conflict will slowly build to its boiling point. Stay away from all types of hatred based news. But remain aware of what reality could be. The only way to deal all types of election based affliction. Remains in hoping for better understanding with people. Finally, I would like to add that try to remove in takes of news and media for sometime. And most of all learn to trust in people with different idea of living.