What is Dharma in Kaliyuga?

It is important to cut through all the bullshit and create a human civilization which helps in creation and restoration of the world. Instead of destroying and manipulating it for few rich people who own 99% of all the wealth. You have to find it for yourself and wake up people.

Don’t accept everything said and written in News

If you don’t read the NEWS you are uninformed if you read it you are misinformed. The NEWS now is mostly ‘Views’. Everything is either up or down, black or white, left or right this external stimulus of ‘religion and politics” is killing the inner stimulus of consciousness and human collective effort. Humanity is sick and the real cure is in each one’s core. Now is the time to make a strong opinion about your own centre. We are not going left or right, we have been given a straight path. The path is to bring people together who are willing to sacrifice everything to save whatever is left out of our expiring planet. These people arguing on Television News have no idea what we want. They only want to sell their stuff and become profitable most loved channels. They are funded by their respective parties and do not have their own opinions.

Learn to accept differences

Instead of teaching our children to respect differences we teach them not to differentiate at all. We are in the middle of mad cultural transition here, there are nationals who do not dress, speak, live like that country anymore. They have rejected the notion of imbibing their own culture only because they find it offending and small. Instead, they have chosen a label made up by media. Then there are others who want everyone to swallow their own culture. It is a mass hallucination situation out here. We are being asked to accept what is not, and to reject what is, to make room for more bullshit. It is getting heavier than it already is and one day we will place it on the shoulders of the next generation. Who by the way will wonder where his ancestor was when the history was being run by swines and buffoons. While the most important question never answered will always be. How do you get along with the person who is completely different from you? Wake up people!

Stop destroying the planet

To the respite of the sudden misfortune of our planet and our nature is that you are being diverted from the real problems. The real problem is not some religion taking over or some political force which will annihilate┬ásome minority. The problem is that we have very limited time left where the planet can remain habitable and sustain life. The lakes are being formed or being completely lost, rivers are poisonous and flowing into the ocean which is threatened by sudden rise due to the melting ice-caps which is irreversible. The forests have shrunk so much that whatever is left will take millions of years just to overcome the carbon in our atmosphere.┬áThe air which used to give life is now giving us disease. The banks which used to help in rising of a nation are destroying the finances. The schools which used to educate are now destroying knowledge. The governments which were there for the service of people are using digital technology to spy and manipulate people. You have to wake up people and start to see how worst your coming generation would be. It’s not business as usual if you are destroying this planet.

Stop listening to meaningless songs and movies

The songs nowadays are completely devoid of any meaning. There is no substance to it all. The song could use any cheap line which is not suitable for kids and make it famous. As a human being if the number one chart song is about some sexual slur or ‘Butt” or “Boobs” we have a problem. This is important because we have to understand how much our daily thoughts are influenced by movies and songs which keeps playing in the back of our mind. It will create your persona and affect your personality more than you even believe. Hang around people who are hooked to meaningless music and you will find people whose spirit is compassless.

Stop following anything and everything

Do you have your own identity? Is being on your own a tough thing to do? Do you just want to surround yourself to stop thinking what you would rather think when alone? Does it hurt when someone speaks something bad about your favourite sports player or political figure? Voila, you are not an individual being. You will threaten everything individual and free out of your sight and argue your way back to slave mentality. This is why you are so aligned towards the agenda of political, religious or financial figures rather than having your own. This is why you love and worship that political or media figure so much because you have forgotten to love yourself. Please, you have to stop this, other cannot do it for you. All your saints, religions these people you worship or fight for in arguing another human being is not coming from you. It has been programmed to you because you were disempowered by them when you were growing up.

You are a Child of God

Every child is born with tremendous love for himself. It is the society that destroys that love, it is the religion that destroys that love — because if a child goes on growing in loving himself, who is going to love Jesus Christ? Who is going to love the president, Ronald Reagan? Who is going to love the parents?

The child’s love for himself has to be distracted. He has to be conditioned so that his love is always towards an object outside himself. You were born an emperor, utterly contented within yourself.

This type of person has not been possible up to now because of your prophets, your messiahs, your incarnations of God, and all other kinds of idiots. They have destroyed you for their own glory, for their own ego. They have crushed you utterly.

You can see the logic. Either the messiah, the savior, becomes the object of your love, and you become just shadows blindly following him; or if you are fully contented, overflowing with love and blossoming in thousands of roses, then who cares to be saved? — you are already saved. Who cares about paradise? — you are in it.

In Japan they have four-hundred-year-old trees, but their height is only six inches. They think that it is a form of art. It is murder, sheer murder! The tree looks ancient, but is only six inches high. It would have been one hundred feet high, reaching towards the stars. What have they done? What strategy have they used?

The same strategy has been used against humanity, human beings. They put the tree in a pot which has no bottom. So whenever the tree grows its roots, they go on cutting them, because there is no bottom to the pot. The roots they go on cutting, and unless roots grow deeper, the tree cannot rise higher. It grows old, but it never grows up. Exactly the same has been done with human beings.

Your love for yourself is a basic necessity for your growth.

So the first thing all these vested interests have to do is distract you from love — and they have succeeded up to now.



Just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean it is right

Wake up to your core, with an ability to be stable and understand things differently. The current scenario of hate is not for the world. You have to learn to reject everything which is being fed and told you. You have to come out in open and attack hatred. Anything which makes you hate anybody and or anybody hate you is not for the world and has to be rejected even though it has got all the limelight.

Wake up people
Wake up people
Wake up People
Wake up People
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