Coronavirus – This is how ancient India will help you fight it

Coronavirus is a microscopic parasite that requires another body to thrive or reproduce. Their size and design makes it almost impossible to kill by any anti-biotic or human known medicine.

This makes it a little bit scary but there is nothing to worry about or panic. The spread of the Corona Virus has been fatal in China and Italy and now have made its way into India. Even though it is not so much strong in India but in actuality, there has been more rumours than patients.

Coronavirus attacks the respiratory system and produces breathlessness cough and cold. Due to their presence in the respiratory tract, they easily spread with the breath of the infected patient. Today many synthetic anti-vira drugs are there for example- moroxydine, ganciclovir, valganciclovir, valaciclovir etc. But Nature via plants provides phytochemicals which are 40% of currently available drugs against Viruses.

These plants are described in the Vedas to have anti-viral properties. They should be eaten or used in tea every day to avoid the spread of the disease.


Daffodil is a very common flower which you can find flowering in many gardens. These beautiful flowers have anti-viral properties and are also used in many modern drugs.

The idea is to warm the water at 90 degrees and leave the flower in it for 5-7 minutes and then consume every morning and before sleeping.

Lemon Grass

A very common grass-like a plant which is well known anti-cold medicine. It is powerful and possibly effects the fastest.

It is to be boiled in water for 10-15 minutes and then have it like a tea.


A very common house plant has known anti-viral properties this is why it also recommended during cold. Having Basil or making tea with it can also help.

Anti-Viral Tea for Corona Virus

When you combine Lemon-grass, Basil, Daffodil, Garlic and Ginger together and make a tea they provide a very high amount of resistance against respiratory virus. Corona Being a respiratory virus can also be dealt. Having it twice a day morning and evening will provide at least 30% resistance against the disease believe it or not.

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