Conspiracies which turned out to be reality

Conspiracies are the backbone of free society, however weird and twisted. Things have been popping up to the surface of one great story yet to be uncovered from our civilization. However things are not quite how they might seem to be, they maybe entirely different. In order to be free one should be rooted within themselves. Before asking the questions outside one should ask it to that voice that is always in the back of your head. Mostly our basis of reality is formed through information. Informed through education, press, television, radio and a third person’s view. Conspiracy theorists tend to keep all of that aside and think for themselves some of those theories, they’ve lost lives, faced ridicule in both personal and professional life. These are some examples of conspiracies theories which were uncovered later and turned out to be real.

Government Mass Surveillance in United States

The Practice of mass Surveillance is continuous in the US of America since World War-1 the information coming in-and-out of the country has been passing through trails of censorship. This might explain the vivid distorted view they often carry of other country and people. Since September 11 attacks domestic and international mass surveillance capabilities escalated far beyond the levels permitted by the US constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Conspiracy all over the globe has been pointing to the fact that United States have been in more Wars than anyone in the modern history and is the biggest perpetuater of Covert-Operations. Every other country is doing it too, because we live in Digital (mis)information age.

New World Order

This one sticks around from a very long time,  a century old prophecy of total control and annihilation of human population under one Brand, known as NEW WORLD ORDER. Manufactured in deep Arabic times of rule in Turkey, it was a doctrine to annihilate any other religion and atheism except One God. The stories of atrocities all through the history are forged by one single group, only to be able to bring an Order to the world through which it could be ruled and controlled. Recently, every country in the world has shown their keen interest in New World Order and are working in that direction. You will have to understand that every politician has either spoken about it in speech or in TV interviews from around the world.


CIA Drug Trafficking

How about a country’s own Intelligence Agency using their sources to become the greatest Drug Trafficker in the world? CIA has been found many times red handed by many Agencies around the world. In fact the entire Mafia Rings are developed and proliferated through the Agency which helps in supply and Cash retrieval of Black Money market. For reference search: MENA OP, GARY WEBB


Operation Paperclip

American Agency’s carefully extracted Nazi scientists which were working on some of the greatest war machines. During the world war and hired them in their homebase,  in Area 51 where they continued to develop Hitler’s ambition now only for the people who control the Federal Reserve of USA.


Bill Gates actively sending poison through Vaccination Program

Conspiracists have been pointing out to the fact that Bill Gates’s only agenda in the latest year has been how to de-populate the world. He was caught red-handed when Doctors from India put a case against his medicine which turned out to be fatal to life. There are cases where the kids immediately died or felt unconscious after the vaccination. The case is currently pending with the Indian Court.