Quantum Camera is here

This camera is extra special because it can see with the speed of light. Professor Ramesh Raskar and Andreas Velten at MIT achieves this feat by using array of sensors triggering at the trillionth of the second.



The world of quantum

MIT researchers might have stumble to one of the invention of the decade. The ability to be able to see with the speed of light at trillions of frames per second.  It is a virtual composite of repeated loops of image-frames mathematically.

Looking with the speed of light finally gives us an opportunity to be able to see into the Quantum realms. Light behaving both as a particle and wave, is seen as acting as both in these pictures. The ripples of waves moving towards different directions, shows clearly how the light moves like a packet of energy. They sometimes behave in irrational pattern, which in one of his presentation Dr. Ramesh Raskar called to be “affects of quantum world’ visible to eyes. He asks researchers from the world to join in research and application of the camera.

Finally in the future you should expect more as the camera is also able to see ‘unaccounted behavior’ of the light. If you are a researcher and would like to participate in the research you can go to their website at MIT.

  1. We are able to see how concentrated light flows
  2. We can clearly see the interference patterns
  3. We can see the after-effect of the light-pulse

Light is one of our most important ally in technology and life processes. It is utmost impossible to think how little we know about it. Our eyes are not able to see light’s behavior because of it’s high speed. The only way we know about it’s behavior thanks to Plank and Einstein. Their mathematical derivations accurately describe some of it’s properties.

Finally we are able to see what we were not meant to!



1. MIT Trillion Frames per Second Camera - Official MIT website